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Genshin Impact Team Freeze players like this, Kamisato Ayaka and Shenhe announce their entry into the game on March 21, 2023.


Friday, March 17, 2023, 5:27:48 PM, Indochina time

It’s almost time to say goodbye. for the teapot Genshin Impact regular version 3.5 In the first phase it comes with two class characters. 5 The strong star, which consists of Dehya and Sino But for those who decide to release Dehya Going this time, you don’t have to regret it. Because in the future, the character plans to enter the gacha cabinet permanently. since the game version 3.6 onwards

Although characters like Dehya still enough to let it pass to wait for storage in the permanent cabinet But for event weapons in version events 3.5 at postage flowers It can be considered that you should not miss it because it is one of the weapons of the class. 4 Stars with interesting talents And can go and read the details of such weapons that are suitable for any of them inthis article

For the Gacha character in the next cabinet, it will be the return of the two ice elemental girls who will help the team. frozen is stronger with plans to officially enter the game March 21, 2023 which consists of

  • Kamisato Ayaka
  • Shen He
  • Dione
  • sucrose
  • Mika

by the return of these two characters Kamisato Ayaka and Shen He It’s considered a rerun back into the game for the first time. 2 after being away from many versions of the gacha kiosk and if comparing the income data on the first day of both Kamisato Ayaka and Shen He It can be seen that their income is quite inferior to many.

Dehya and Cyno’s first day banner earnings (CN iOS)
by Mr./Kage Yume in Genshin_Impact

However, it is not an answer that says both characters are not strong or unplayable at all, especially in spiral abyss The latest, which is made out to help players who like to make teams frozen Great, plus if there is a character Shen He come help strengthen the team will make Kamisato Ayaka able to iron even more violence

Finally, for those of you who are not interested in both characters. was able to keep onions around the ribbon first time keep it in order to prepare it for use in the game version 3.6 And if nothing goes wrong, the character in the next gacha might be Baiju It is possible, which will be true as predicted or not. We have to wait and follow each other.

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