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Genshin Impact works fast! When PatJi releases a full set of character cosplay ‘ Chao Whirlpool Cloud ‘


Genshin Impact works fast!  When PatJi releases a full set of character cosplay ‘ Chao Whirlpool Cloud ‘

Monday, January 23, 2023, 6:26:06 a.m. Indochina time

If many people still remember We had the opportunity to present an article about A young cosplayer named “ Nateephan Phatchi Dhammasilbaniyat ” who has dressed up as a 4-star character of the game Genshin Impact at Farusan and just take 10 hours since the team announced it on the fan page Until creating a hilarious sound for the fans Including a lot of cosplay friends because of the fast work of the person You can read more inthis article

and the last you Phatchi came out to show the speed of the devil to see each other again because when January 21 2023 your way Phatchi I have posted my own cosplay as usual. But the unusual thing is that this character is one of the main characters of the city. Li Yue Like the Chao Whirlpool Cloud As a human being like that!!

Although in the previous period there were some rumors that came out. But that’s just a small piece of information that hasn’t been confirmed until the release of the team. P.V. in the story under the name ” The voice that still echoes in my heart ” when January 21, 2023 and within the sample it was revealed “Whirlpool Cloud Master ” In the human version came out to watch. which shortly after this sample was released, you Phatchi came out to do their cosplay shortly after

And in the past you Phatchi Has released cosplay works continuously, the latest one is one of the works from the game. Genshin Impact as an important character from the city Sumeru Freelance Mercenary of the Sands Dehya Which is made out beautifully and looks very good.

Or will it be a mobile game next door that just has a live drama like nod you Phatchi Has also done cosplay as a character in games like Alice It has arrived and it came out looking good. and absolutely fascinating

Have to wait and see that after this you Phatchi Will show the game the ability to cosplay in a fast job. and any future characters? have to wait and follow each other

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