GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE SLAMMED AFTER CRAZY ADVERTISEMENT Until having to come out and bow down to apologize later


Thursday, January 12, 2023, 20:23:54 seconds, Indochina time

Received a wrinkled slap for a famous mobile game like Nod – T After a while ago they released advertisements to be used to promote the game. But both in terms of content and presentation, it came out extremely bad. Until resulting in many game fans coming out to hit the trend back, resulting in the way nod must come out to apologize to the players along with deleting such ads

As for the content of the ad, it’s about a man picking up a mobile phone to play games. nod stay in room But the next abnormality is the gestures and gestures of the performers. Which comes out in a very erotic way because even though the game is sold in the ” playing with one hand ” and ” chest buttocks “often But the real selling point of nod What the fans of the game would really want to sell would be more in terms of the story, and making such advertisements is like ” insult” game fan nod So much that it resulted in the flow of dissatisfaction bouncing back towards the developer.


which, if looking back at foreign advertisements made out nod It can be seen that they do not make content that insults players or is obscene in any way, plus the author personally thinks that foreign advertisements can be made out. meme And it looks very funny too.

Or will it be an advertisement for Japanese surfing? to promote characters like modern By inviting one of cosplay famous as Yami to take on the role of modern The content presented is about the character and the advertisement does not contain sexual or inappropriate gestures. But the ad will be raised in the story of the character. modern come out to be seen in order to provide a rough story for those who see it And it’s one of the sales ideas. which is made out ingeniously and extremely interesting

Have to wait and see if the way Nod – T Will be able to recover their face and their dignity back again or not? Including the flow of players bouncing back will be more intense or when will it be lighter? have to wait and follow each other


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