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Google can’t find tweets or Twitter profiles*


Missing Tracks: Google Can’t Find Tweets and Twitter Profiles*

Alexander Antipov

Social media policy updates have limited Google’s search capabilities.

Google can’t find tweets or Twitter profiles*

Changes to Twitter* rules have resulted in tweets and links to the social network almost completely disappearing in search results Google. This connected that Twitter began to control the work of search crawlers, which previously had almost unlimited access to the data published on the platform.

Over the past few days, Twitter has made significant changes to the visibility of tweets on the site. On Friday, the social network closed the ability for unregistered users to view tweets, and on Saturday introduced limits on the number of tweets that people can read per day. Platform representatives explained this by the need to restrict access to content for neural network training algorithms.

By data Search Engine Land, Google indexed 471 million Twitter-related results on June 30, but dropped to 180 million on July 3 after the Twitter policy update. The display of tweets and social network profiles in Google search results will be restored.

* The social network is prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation.

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