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Google has a secret weapon to bring down WhatsApp: Artificial Intelligence


The Google Messages app begins to receive the “Magic Compose” function, which allows you to generate messages through AI.

Google has a secret weapon to bring down WhatsApp: Artificial Intelligence
An example of a message generated by artificial intelligence thanks to the new function of Google Messages

It was one of the most shocking announcements of the past Google I/O 2023and one of the first novelties presented at the event to be available to users. From today, some lucky ones can already start using magical compositionthe new tool based on artificial intelligence, which generates messages autonomously within the Google instant messaging application.

The feature is available from today on a limited basis. Only those people who are signed up for the messaging app beta program and who have a SIM card from a US operator in their devices can use it. In addition, it is mandatory be of age and the users subscribed to Google One They will have a certain priority when it comes to being chosen.

The function in question is integrated into the Messages appand is represented by the icon of a conversation balloon accompanied by the already mythical symbol of the star that Google uses to refer to most of its projects related to AI.

By tapping on that icon, Google sends the last 20 messages of a conversation to their servers and are processed for generate an appropriate response taking into account the context of the chat. Suggestions can include text, emojis, reactions, and even URLs, but they won’t include attachments or voice notes.

Despite sending the messages to their servers, Google ensures that the information is not stored nor is it used to train their learning models. Also, if you choose not to use this feature, messages will not be sent to the servers at any time.

In addition to generating messages, the function also allows choose the style of the conversationbeing able to choose between seven different styles: excited, relaxed, Shakespearean, lyrical, formal, short or a mixture of all of them.

It’s not clear if the feature will end up being available in other countries in the near future. But considering that Google still doesn’t offer Bardits AI-based chatbot, in most European countries, it will most likely be a while yet before testing this feature outside of the United States. Now it remains to be seen if rival platforms, such as WhatsAppthey decide to follow in their footsteps and integrate similar tools into their messaging services.

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