Home Tech Gadget Google’s Android TV stick listed on online proposal “Sabrina” $50-60 Price

Google’s Android TV stick listed on online proposal “Sabrina” $50-60 Price

Google’s Android TV stick listed on online proposal “Sabrina” $50-60 Price

The Upcoming Google Streaming Dongle has surfaced in numerous leaks in recent weeks. Now we have more information, including the price, colours and even the model numbers of the unit. Coded as the ‘Sabrina’ device, a number of major US resellers, including Walmart, Home Depot and Target, have reportedly listed the device online.

The reviews show that the product is shipped with a bundled remote computer called ‘Abbey ‘ but the price tags are significantly different. When Walmart and Target appear to be selling it for $60, the Home Depot page reveals a 50-dollar price range. Google, of course, has not publicly announced the product yet, which suggests that the prices reported may be well kept.

Whatever the case, the listings seem to have showed that the product could be delivered in three colour options in addition to the price. In colours ‘Como Blue’ and ‘Rock Candy,’ and the ‘Summer Melon.’

The listings do not seem to say anything else about the potential product nor do they give any visibility into its capabilities. However, what we do is that Sabrina will be shipping Android TV to become directly competitive with Amazon Fire TV.

It can also provide connectivity with Nest doorbells and video cameras, making it easier for consumers to display updates directly from their Screen. The article further argues that the forthcoming dongle would carry a new Google Assistant UI as well as YouTube TV incorporation into the ‘Live’ tab.


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