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GPX Viewer PRO v1.42.5 APK (Patched) Download


GPX Viewer PRO is one of the most advanced navigation apps available today, so you can easily find the best routes to where you want to go. This application is specially designed for tourists and people who are “road blind.” With this smart app, you can save the landmarks you want to visit, and it will safely lead you to your favorite places.

GPX Viewer PRO GPX Viewer PRO


You can view routes and waypoints from gpx, kml, kmz, and loc files, making it easier for you to follow. A gpx file is GPS data saved in the GPS Exchange Format; a KMZ is a file that stores locations on a map that you can view. You can edit routes and waypoint metadata, and GPX Viewer PRO supports you to be able to open your favorite files and history. Also, you can compress gpx files to gpz and kml files to kmz easily.


This application will help you analyze information and statistics of routes for you to review and track. In addition, it provides highly configurable charts so you can see the routes clearly. See graphs of other tracking data like heart rate, power, and air temperature where you’re headed. You can also change the color of the path and route or color the routes according to altitude, speed, heart rate to mark.


The application displays the current GPS location on the map, and you can track the GPS position continuously during the travel by adjusting the map position. In particular, you can rotate the map according to the device’s orientation sensor or according to the motion direction data.

GPX Viewer PRO GPX Viewer PRO


  • Professional weather forecast for the next 7 days for you to preview weather conditions and prepare for your trip, especially the app also displays hourly weather forecast for you to update.
  • Record and export your rides to gpx or kml files so you can use or review them as needed and record altitude and speed statistics along the way.
  • Detailed offline vector maps worldwide are available based on OpenStreetMap data and many other offline map styles for your use.
  • Show current GPS position and adjust map position simply, rotate the map, notify when GPS position is near waypoint with adjustable distance.
  • View graphs of other data like cadence, power, air temperature, and analysis information for waypoints, coloring the route traveled directly on the map.

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