Home Gaming Hacker will pay Nintendo $ 4.5 million

Hacker will pay Nintendo $ 4.5 million

Hacker will pay Nintendo $ 4.5 million


After decades of terror, Bowser pleads guilty to his crimes against Nintendo. Or rather, a man named Gary Bowser, who was involved in hacking activities to unlock Nintendo Switch systems, pleads guilty to his crimes. As part of his plea deal, Bowser agrees to pay Nintendo $ 4.5 million and still faces several years in prison.

The plea agreement, set out in the court’s statement, said Bowser was a member of a “cybercriminal organization” that created, sold and distributed circumvention devices that allowed game consoles to play ROMs, thereby causing monetary damage to game developers and publishers who sold legal versions of these games. In addition to the criminal charges, Bowser was also sued by Nintendo.

The group has developed hacks for various gaming systems, including Nintendo Switch and 3DS, starting in 2013 and running until August 19, 2020.

“The enterprise has received at least tens of millions of dollars in revenue from the sale of its bypass devices,” – says the documentation. According to him, the losses of the victims will be from $ 65 to $ 150 million. Bowser says he earned between $ 500 and $ 1,000 a month for engagement, but the additional ad revenue brought his own total income to about $ 320,000.

“Mr. Bowser understood that his involvement in an illegal enterprise harmed copyright and trademark owners, console manufacturers and others who were entitled to income not only from the use of secure consoles, but also from the purchase and play of protected video games. copyright, ”the statement said.

The US Justice Department agrees to dismiss other charges against Bowser as part of a plea deal, but the sentences for the crimes he pleads guilty already include two potential five-year jail sentences.


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