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Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions gameplay leaked A broom-riding version of Rocket League!


Friday, May 26, 2023, 5:01 PM 26 PM, Indochina time.

after hogwarts legacy Launched into a landslide trend during the past March. Even though it has been talked about a lot in a positive way. But it is undeniable that the game has a part that makes Potterhead and many game fans disappointed because there is noQuidditch, the world’s most magical sport

last April It has been made clear that the Harry Potter franchise will have a new Quidditch-focused title. Harry Potter: Quidditch Champion A few teaser clips have surfaced, and fans are excited to be riding a broomstick to complete the wizarding world experience that was missing in Hogwarts Legacy.

But from the information that has now been revealed, the game Quidditch Champions is in no way associated with Hogwarts Legacy game content. Except that they are in the same Harry Potter wizarding universe. Of course, development teams are different teams. That’s enough reason why Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t include Quidditch in the game.

And the latest Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions has leaked gameplay information from streamers who have been granted access to play online in the first special round a few days ago. Of course it was against the rules and the clip was quickly removed. But it was not good enough to save the picture in time and share it immediately in the Reddit thread, but it was quickly deleted and disappeared as well.

flight (play)
by Mr/No_Nerve7020 in QuidditchChampionsWB

But from seeing the fan response in the thread, it seems to be quite satisfying for the fans of the game. Many people say that Others commented that it was “a broomstick version of Rocket League.”

There are quite a few opinions that the game isn’t that good enough. but must understand that This is the first version of the game currently in development. which we believe that the team will bring feedback to improve And it will definitely be different when the game is released.

Quidditch Champions is in development by the team at Unbroken Studios.

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