Home Gaming Harry Potter: Wizards Unite mobile game to be removed from iOS and Android

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite mobile game to be removed from iOS and Android

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite mobile game to be removed from iOS and Android


Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Niantic’s Pokemon Go-style mobile game, is closing. The game will stop working on January 31, 2022, the developers said.

In anticipation of this, Niantic is pulling the game off iOS and Android on December 6, when in-app purchases will also be disabled.

In a blog post, the studio reported that “millions” of people are playing Wizards Unite, but the reason for the closure was not specified. In a separate post on Niantic’s website, the team stated, “Not all games are meant to last forever.” It adds that Wizards Unite is referring to a two-year story arc that will end soon after the game closes.

“We will bring all the lessons from Harry Potter: Wizards Unite to our other projects,” Niantic said. The studio recently released their latest Pokemon Go-style game, Pikmin Bloom.

At Wizards Unite, players can expect a range of bonuses and add-ons prior to game close. Starting today, players can make the most of these gameplay changes:

The rewards for all daily quests will be increased.

The preparation time of the potion will be reduced by 50% with the help of the master’s notes.

The daily limit on sending and opening gifts will be removed.

Barrufio’s Brain potion now grants 3x more player experience.

1920s Keys will appear more frequently on the map, and their associated fragment rewards will be doubled.

Spell energy and ingredients will appear on the map more often.

Wizards Unite is also hosting a series of events leading up to the game’s closure. These include the following:


Dolores Umbridge Mortal Opponents Event

Shiny Half-Blood Prince Part 1

Lucius Malfoy Mortal Foes Event

Shiny Half-Blood Prince Part 2


Bellatrix Lethal Adversaries Event

Horcrux hunt, part 2

Voldemort: Deadly Opponents Event

The bright event “Deathly Hallows”, part 1

Festive event

The bright event “Deathly Hallows”, part 2


We’ll share more details on additional changes to the game coming throughout January.

The FAQ confirms that anyone with Wizards Unite on their device but deleting it or getting a new phone will not be able to reinstall it after December 6th. It also mentions that no refunds will be issued to players who have a dedicated in-game currency and do not spend it, “unless otherwise required by law.”

While Wizards Unite leaves, the Harry Potter mobile game Hogwarts Mystery remains available. It is very popular, generating over $ 300 million in microtransaction revenue.

In other Harry Potter news, the big open world game for consoles and PCs, Hogwarts Legacy, is due out in 2022.


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