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higher concentration or lag in the digital world?


Without phones in the classroom: higher concentration or lag in the digital world?

Since the new year in the Netherlands it is forbidden to use mobile devices during lessons.

Starting from the new year for schoolchildren in the Netherlands banned use phones, tablets, smart watches and other mobile gadgets during lessons.

The ban does not apply to students who, for medical reasons or because of a disability, cannot do without mobile devices. It is also allowed to use gadgets in digital skills classes.

How explained Minister of Education of the country Robbert Dijkgraaff, mobile devices affect the performance of schoolchildren and reduce their concentration during study.

“Despite the fact that mobile phones are almost inextricably linked with our lives, they have no place in the classroom. Students must be able to concentrate and have every opportunity to study well. From the results of scientific studies, we know that mobile phones interfere with this,” he said.

The ban on phones in schools in the Netherlands was adopted as a result of an agreement between the Ministry of Education, schools and related organizations, but it is not yet legally enforceable. Each school determines for itself what rules will apply within its walls. However, if their measures are ineffective, then the necessary legal measures will be taken by departments and regulators.

It will be reviewed at the end of the 2024/2025 school year to assess its effectiveness and the need for a legal ban.

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