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How Bing Search helps you answer Windows 10 queries directly

How Bing Search helps you answer Windows 10 queries directly


BingMicrosoft’s search engine has changed a lot over the past year, and one of the big improvements is on the consumer side. While you can always search the web, Bing is also integrated into Windows 10 search. Click the Start button and start typing. It will display the search results for your query in a dashboard in real time.

If it looks like a search result wrapped in a user interface layer, then it is not. Bing can now respond directly to any request. Some of the results may also help you open the Windows kernel settings directly. Results are displayed as cards with a lot of text from web pages making it more interesting.

How Bing Search helps answer Windows 10 queries

How it works? As far as I understand, Bing uses Cognitive Toolkit which not only improves search relevance but also uses deep learning models to predict search. Simply put, instead of throwing a bunch of links to users, it offers a video, a complete answer to a simple query, and even reveals details from a webpage before they visit the webpage.

Windows 10 Powerful Queries

Right now, Bing is taking a three-pronged approach to achieve this goal.

  1. Editorial answers – These answers are handwritten by the Windows editors and are available in the official support documentation.
  2. Machine learn answersGenerated algorithmically by retrieving responses from web documents
  3. Video answers – Algorithmically mined from web feeds and video feeds.

Microsoft calls it Windows 10 Queries with rich experiences and also integrates it with Windows 10 settings. The results are incredibly useful as they provide steps and images for clear understanding.

Bing Search Using Editorial Replies

Microsoft has a huge database of help files. Bing may disclose these handwritten responses by Windows editors. The advantage of these results is that in many cases they offer the ability to directly open Windows Settings or any other panel on your computer, which can help users get started immediately.

Windows 10 Powerful Queries

Let’s say your query is “how to connect to Wi-Fi” in the search box. You will see the search result as shown in the image above. Pressing Connect to a Wi-Fi network The button will directly open the Wi-Fi settings section.

The same if you are looking for this query on Bing.com

You will see the search result as shown in the image above. Pressing Connect to a Wi-Fi network The button will open the Wi-Fi settings section right on your computer.

It’s pretty smart!

Compared to regular search results, these editorial responses differ in that they offer a rich experience.Since both Bing and Microsoft Help are owned by the same company, it can select the correct images and clearly show the steps for best results. Often the answers are short, and consumers are able to quickly resolve their problems.

Bing search results using machine learning responses

In addition to Microsoft’s support documents, there are many Windows websites and blogs that do the same thing in their own way. Bing is a search engine, and it can collect responses from these pages if applicable. They call it machine learning responses. The top result partially displays the steps within the page. The advantage is that consumers trust the results and turn to the page for more details.

TWC result in menu

While Microsft has its answers in long format, when the machine learning responses rank higher, the pages from the websites are placed at the front. It also depends on what you are looking for. In most cases, these answers refer to a complex situation with several stages. You can always click the link below which will take you to the full Bing search results page.

Bing search results using video responses

Videos have become of great help over the past few years, especially with the wide bandwidth available at a lower cost. Videos ensure you can see what happens without doing anything. As you watch the video, you can proceed with the step-by-step instructions. Bing curates these videos and displays them at the top.

Bing VIdeo Windows 10 Results

Sometimes videos can be played right in the results, but most of the times they open on YouTube or any other video source.

Bing results are even more interesting when you search the web for them. The results offer filters at the top for a general query for popular choices. So when you are looking for how to change wifi password for Windows 10, you will see filters like how to set your Linksys router password, how to reconfigure your wireless router, how to set your Internet password, etc.

This is a smart approach to accurately target the target consumer group and refine the results for them.

I love how Microsoft has adopted a strategy to help end users solve their problems with direct help and answers. Bing’s built-in Cortana integration lets anyone start searching right away. It can also be integrated into the settings search bar. I’m sure many are looking there.

I would like to get a search based virtual assistant from Microsoft. I believe the helper can help consumers complete the steps one by one using the editorial as the source.

While Bing isn’t the consumer’s favorite search engine, OS integration has made a lot of sense. I would like to see if this integration can be taken further than just the availability in the Start menu.

How often do you search using the Start menu? Share your observations and comments below.


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