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How not to fall for the new ransomware Trojan


Smartphone as a hostage: how not to fall for the bait of a new ransomware Trojan

The new ransomware not only steals your data, but can also make bank transfers from your account.

In May 2023, Kaspersky Lab experts discovered a new ransomware virus for Android devices called Rasket. The Trojan spreads via SMS spam with links to malicious applications that mimic dating services, radar detectors, mods, and lotteries.

When a user downloads and runs such an application, they give the Trojan access to their photos, videos, documents, SMS, and contacts. Then a message appears on the screen with a request to transfer five thousand rubles to the specified bank card number within a week, otherwise all data will be sent to the contact list and published on the Internet.

Attackers show the victim a list of intercepted contacts as proof of their capabilities. The collected data is sent to the attackers’ Telegram chats using a chatbot. In addition, the Trojan can make bank transfers from the victim’s account by sending and intercepting bank SMS.

Within two weeks, Kaspersky Lab’s solutions prevented several hundred attacks by this malware. However, the exact number of affected users is unknown. Experts do not advise paying ransomware, as there is no guarantee that they will delete the stolen data and not attack the victim again.

To protect against such attacks, experts recommend not clicking on suspicious links from SMS, not allowing the installation of unknown applications, checking permissions for applications, using a reliable security solution and updating the operating system of your smartphone.

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