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How to access Shein in India?


Fashion is an ever-changing and evolving space. Keeping yourself up to the changes is almost impossible in such a domain because of the soaring high clothing prices. The Chinese fast fashion brand Shein, once the most popular clothing brand in India, faced the wrath of Indian government bans and has yet to return to India.

Shein produced more than 700 designs daily, offered free shipping on low-value orders, and had the best in the best market prices. While Shein is looking for a comeback in India, there are still a few ways you can access Shein in India. In this article, we will learn how to access Shein in India and the current state of its comeback to the Indian market.

How to Access Shein in India?

The Current State Of Shein In India- Is It Going To Make A Comeback?

Shein had widespread popularity among the young populace of the country due to its low pricing, free deliveries, and ever-changing inventory. The app and the website were struck with a ban along with 59 other Chinese apps due to data safety concerts highlighted by the Indian government and escalating tensions between the two countries.

But Shein is making a comeback; news surfaced of Shein joining Reliance retail during the start of the year 2023. In this agreement, Shein would hand over the entire Indian branch of its business to Reliance Retail, allowing them to run offline stores and sell Shein’s fashion online through their portals. While the news is confirmed, there is still no update on when this collaboration will come to fruition.

Since Shein has not made its comeback just yet, there are alternative ways you can access Shein in India. Let’s proceed with learning about them.

How to access Shein in India

The Shein Website in India does not currently display any products since they are not allowed to conduct business there. There are many ways you can bypass this limitation. Here’s all that’s covered:

  1. Access Shein In India Using A VPN
  2. Access Shein In India Using An Alternate Domain

While these methods will allow you to view all the Shein products and get possible outfit and styling ideas, they will still be limited to viewing only. We’ve also covered how to get Shein products delivered in India, so make sure that you stay tuned till the end of this article.

1] Access Shein In India Using A VPN

VPN or Virtual private networks mask your IP address and use an IP from another country. This allows you to access websites banned in your country or the versions of those websites from other countries. Shein has a presence in 150+ countries across the globe. Using a VPN server from any of these countries will give you access to Shein’s website and catalog in those countries. Here’s how to do it:

  • There are many free and premium VPN options out there. Some popular ones include ProtonVPN, ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark VPN. They have apps for most devices, so sign up for any of these services. Then, proceed by installing their respective VPN clients on your PC.
  • Now, proceed by opening the VPN app, selecting the server of your choice, and connecting to it. We recommend connecting to the US server since it is accessible in most VPN services and has the most comprehensive catalog for Shein.
    ProtonVPN US Free Server
  • Once connected, go to Shein.com, and the US site will open. You can browse the entire Shein catalog and get the best Outfit inspirations.

2] Access Shein In India Using An Alternate Domain

If you don’t wish to use a VPN server to mask your IP address, you can use an alternate domain to access Shein in India—an alternate domain, meaning the domain name for the same website in a different country. To access the US version of Shein, head over to Us.shein.com. For the UK version, head over to Uk.shein.com and so on.

How do you receive orders from Shein in India?

While the experience of ordering affordable clothing from Shein and getting it delivered to you in a few days is unparalleled, it is not available currently. Shein offers the latest fashion at such affordable prices throughout the globe that getting the products shipped to a friend or relative in countries like the United States and then having them courier it to you is still not a bad idea. The average shipping cost from the United States to India is $40-$50, which varies according to the Shipment size.

ColisExpat To Deliver Shein In India

Some services do the same for you if you don’t have a friend or relative living abroad, such as services like ColisExpat. These services can be expensive, but remove the hassle of doing things manually.


This article taught us how to access and receive Shein in India. Shein is set to return to the Indian market, but not soon. Until then, we hope you can use the methods in this article to deliver your desired fashion. We hope you found the article to be insightful. Please make sure that you share this article with everyone.

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Is Shein coming to India?

Shein is set to make a comeback in India three years after it was banned. After receiving government approval for the collaboration with Reliance Industries, the online clothing retailer will enter the market in partnership with Reliance Retail.

Is there any app like Shein in India?

Myntra is another Indian app that is considered the most reliable alternative to Shein. With over 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store, Myntra provides a one-stop destination for all your shopping needs. The app enables easy order tracking and offers gift cards, making it a convenient option for shoppers.

How to access Shein in India?

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