How to add Spoiler Tag to Discord images

How to add Spoiler Tag to Discord images

A time may come when you will want to send spoiler images to a friend or colleague on Discord, and we would like to suggest taking advantage of the spoiler tag to force the recipient to click the image to view. It is possible to get this done on the desktop and mobile versions of the app, and as expected, were going to explain how. When you send an image with the spoiler tag, the photo will have a blurry look along with the spoiler tag attached. When the tag is clicked, the image opens and shows the picture as normal.

How to add Spoiler Tag to Discord images

How to add Spoiler Tag to Discord images

Adding a spoiler tag to images on Discord is a simple task. If you have added photos before during a conversation, then you may have noticed the option without fully realizing it. Follow these steps to add a Discord Spoiler Tag:

  1. Open Discord
  2. Navigate to the relevant chat
  3. Click on the “+” (plus) icon
  4. Add spoiler text to image
  5. Write a message and send it off along with the photo.

If you are using either the desktop or the web version of the Discord app, you need not worry because sending a spoiler photo is possible on both.

1] Open Discord

Open the Discrod app on either computer or the web.

  • To begin, open the Discord app from your computer
  • Alternatively, visit the official website on the web.
  • Ensure you are logged in with your credentials before we can move forward to the next step.

2] Navigate to the relevant chat

We now want to select the Discord chat where the spoiler image must be shared.

  • Look to the left of Discord where youll see a list of chats
  • Click on the relevant chat to open. It will appear to the right of Discord with all the information needed.

3] Click on the “+” (plus) icon

Discord Upload File

  • Look to the bottom-left corner of the chat window and double-click on the plus icon.
  • Locate the image you want to send, then select it.
  • Hit the Enter key on your keyboard.

4] Add spoiler to image

Discord Spoiler Attachment

  • Hover over the newly added photo.
  • Click the Spoiler icon and watch as the image becomes hidden.

5] Write a message and send it off along with the photo.

  • Write a message and send it off along with the photo.
  • The recipient must now click the picture to fully reveal what is behind the tag.

How to mark an image as a Spoiler on Discord mobile

Many users prefer the mobile version of Discord due to its convenience and overall ease of use. Now, in terms of adding the spoiler tag to a photo, it will work on both Android and iOS devices.

  1. Open Discord on your phone or tablet
  2. Go to the chat
  3. Select the image you want to send
  4. Add the spoiler tag
  5. Send photo

1] Open Discord on your phone or tablet

First, locate where Discord is on your device, then tap the icon to open it.

2] Go to the chat and select plus icon

It is now time to click on the plus icon from within the chat box.

  • Open the chat from the left panel in Discord.
  • tap the “+” (plus) icon in the bottom-left corner of your chat

3] Select the image you want to send

The gallery view should open automatically after tapping the plus icon. This is where you should see several images if it automatically loads the Photo folder

  • From within this area, find the picture you want to send.
  • Select it from the list of options
  • Do not hit the Send button, but instead, tap outside of the image area in order to return to the chat screen.

4] Add the spoiler tag

The next thing we want to do here is to add the Spoiler tag to the photo.

  • Tap the image in order to open it in full size.
  • From beneath the photo, then, you will want to enable “Mark as Spoiler.”
  • Tap the back button right away to return to the chat screen.

5] Send photo

Now it is time to send the Spoiler photo to the person on the other end of the chat.

  • Add a message that acts as a description without giving away the contents of the picture.
  • Finally, tap the Send button at the bottom-right to complete the task.

We should note that this feature is not only available for private chat, but also in channels as well.

If you believe we’ve missed something very important in this article, then feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

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