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How to apply Same Formula to Multiple Cells in Excel

How to apply Same Formula to Multiple Cells in Excel


From time-to-time users have to add various formulas for computing values in Microsoft Excel. In a situation like this, the user may need the services of the same formula in another cell, row, or column. It makes no sense to insert the formula in each cell one by one if there is an alternative.

How to apply the same formula to multiple cells in Excel

If you’re wondering, we can say for certain that alternatives do exist. And as you might expect, we are going to discuss some of them to make life much easier for all who are interested.

How to apply Same Formula to Multiple Cells in Excel

To copy the same formula to other cells in Excel is easy, and you can use keyboard shortcuts, AutoFill or Copy and Paste command.

1] Copy the same formula to other cells in Excel using keyboard shortcuts

It is possible to use keyboard shortcuts to easily add formulas to other parts of a workbook. So, let us take a look at what needs to be done right now.

CTRL + Enter

Excel Formula CTRL Enter

With this keyboard shortcut, the user will write a single formula in a particular cell. For example, we could use D3, then use the same formula over the entire cell range of D3 to F8.

To begin, you must select the cell range from D3 to F8.

After selecting the range of cells, right away the first cell will become the active cell.

So as the picture suggests, the D3 cell is active while the non-active cells in the range are greyed out.

Next, you must type the following formula:


Bear in mind you can use whatever formula you wish.

Once done, please press CTRL + Enter to populate the other non-active cells.


CTRL + R Excel

This shortcut is designed to apply a single formula to columns located on the right. The downside is, you can only apply the formula to one column at a time, but it’s better than having to type the formula over and over again.

To get this done, please type the following formula in the D3 cell, or whichever cell works best for you:


After that, press the Enter key on your keyboard.

Next, you must select a column to the right of Column D, then press CTRL + R.

The results should appear on your screen, as easy as you like.

2] Apply Same Formula to Multiple Cells in Excel using AutoFill feature

Excel AutoFill Cells

Here we are at the second approach that works quite well, so let us discuss this right now.

So, the idea here is to type the formula in a single cell, then drag the formula towards the entire cell range, or the ones you want to use. For example, D3 to F8, or whatever you feel is best at this time.

  • Begin by inserting the formula into D3.
  • When that is done, you will see a plus sign at the bottom of the cell, right at the corner.
  • You will only see the plus sign when the mouse is hovered there.
  • From there, drag the plus sign to the cells that are lower until you’re at D8.
  • You will notice that another plus sign appears in the right section of column 8.
  • Drag it towards the cells to the right to cover up to F8.

Doing this will ensure the formula gets copied over to all the desired cells.

3] Enter same data into multiple cells using Copy and Paste Command

The traditional copy and paste method can be used here, but with a twist that allows the user to paste in multiple cells rather than one after the other.

  • To do this, you must type the formula into the relevant cell, for example, D3.
  • After that, copy the formula, then select the cell range.
  • This can be from D3 to F8.
  • Once the range is chosen, you can then paste the code and it will appear within each of the selected cell.

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How do you repeat a formula in Excel?

Choose the cell with the relevant formula that sits adjacent to the cells you want to fill. From there, click on Home, then Fill, and be sure to click on either Down, Right, Up, or Left. You can use keyboard shortcuts to such as CTRL + D to fill cells in the downward range, or t the right with CTRL + R.

How do I repeat an action in all cells in Excel?

In order to repeat a simple action in Excel such as pasting, please press CTRL + Y, or F4. You can also use the mouse to click on Repeat via the Quick Access Toolbar.

How to apply the same formula to multiple cells in Excel


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