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How to call someone who Blocked you using Online Calling Service


In this post, we will show you how to call someone who blocked you using online calling services. Call blocking prevents unsolicited calls, particularly those involving telemarketing, unwanted advertisements, frauds, or phishing attempts. However,  individuals may choose to block others for personal reasons, such as relationship issues, disagreements, or privacy concerns.

How to call someone who Blocked you using Online Calling Service

How can I call a blocked number online?

If you’ve been blocked by someone on their mobile phone, you can still contact them using online calling services. Many third-party services allow you to contact people using a randomly generated phone number. You may download these apps on your smartphone and use them to call anyone who’s not even using the apps. The area code is also randomly generated, so the person will not know where the call is coming from.

Note: Before making such an attempt, be aware that this may be perceived as disrespectful, intrusive, or may even worsen the situation. So respect others’ privacy and bypass blocks only for legitimate reasons.

How to call someone who Blocked you using Online Calling Services?

To call someone who has blocked you, you may use these online calling services:

  1. Phoner
  2. Hushed
  3. OnPhone

Let us have a look at them in detail.

1] Phoner

Phoner Online calling service

Phoner is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) app that allows users to make voice calls and send text messages over the Internet rather than traditional phone networks. You may use Phoner to obtain a second phone number with over 300 area code options and use it to make local calls (within the US) anonymously to the person who has blocked your number. The app also offers advanced features like call forwarding and voicemail.

Phoner automatically adds 100 free credits to your account when you sign up for the app. However, to choose a new phone number and send international calls and texts, you require additional credits. The app offers flexible plans to buy credits, including a Fremium plan with limited features. A 3-day free trial is also available to help users test a permanent number for business or personal use.

2] Hushed

Hushed Online calling service

Hushed is a similar online calling service that works on VoIP technology. It is one of the best apps to anonymously call someone who has blocked you. As long as you have access to the WiFi, you can make calls or texts using a second number from over 300 area codes in the US, Canada, and the UK. The recipient only sees the ‘fake’ phone number and your real phone number, name, or identity is kept hidden. The app also features custom voicemail greetings, call forwarding, auto-reply messages, and more.

Hushed offers a variety of package options ranging from Prepaid Local Plans to Pay-as-you-go ’30 Day’ International Plans. You may also claim a Free 3-day trial number for unlimited calling and texting (for US and Canadian users) when you sign up for Hushed.

3] OnPhone

OnPhone Online calling service

OnPhone is another online app that allows you to get virtual numbers and make phone calls without displaying your real number. The app works in 90+ countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, France, Brazil, and Canada. The app features free video calling to any smartphone, voicemail assistance, call recording, and more. A weekly subscription with a 3-day trial costs as low as USD 5.99.

Keep in mind that the app availability may vary based on your location and the type of device you’re using.

I hope this helps.

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How do you make call to someone who has blocked you?

If you’re trying to contact someone who has blocked you, there are some workarounds you may use. You may use the Hide Caller ID feature on your Android phone or iPhone and become a hidden caller. When you call someone with this feature on, your number will be displayed as ‘Unknown number’ or ‘No Caller ID’. If you live in the US, you may include *67 code before your phone number to call someone anonymously. You may also borrow a mutual friend’s phone in the time of need.

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How to call someone who Blocked you using Online Calling Service

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