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How to check the result of the Christmas Lottery from your mobile


Have you been one of the lucky ones? These are all the ways to check the results of the Christmas Lottery 2022 from your mobile.

How to check the results of the Christmas Lottery 2022 from your mobile
The Christmas Lottery is held on December 22 of each year. We are going to tell you how you can check if your tenth has been awarded

As every year around this time, once again it is time to enjoy the magic of the christmas lottery, and checking if we have been one of the few lucky winners in the draw. In this very atypical year, a good part of the Spanish population once again has one, or more, participations, in the draw where the State Lotteries and Gambling will distribute prizes for a total value of 2,380 million euros, of which, 680 Millions will go to the winners of the first prize, commonly known as the “Christmas Jackpot.”

If you are at work or simply cannot follow the draw from home, you should know that you can check the results of the Christmas Lottery online from your mobile. Today we explain how you can do it, and what is the most reliable way to check your tenths.

Websites to check the results and look for your numbers

One of the fastest ways to Check the draw numbers for the Christmas Lottery 2022 It is through the different websites dedicated to showing the prizes. Here are some of the best ones you can use:

Christmas Lottery official website

The State Lotteries and Gambling have enabled a official website in the same way that they do every year, from which it is possible look up our number and check if you have been awarded.

It is a very easy tool to use, since we only have to access it, enter the number of our tenth and the amount played. Then, by clicking on the “Ok” button we will be able to know if we have a tenth winner.

Keep in mind that this website is constantly updated as new numbers and prizes are released, so the best thing to do is check it frequentlyor wait until the draw has ended.


State lotteries and bets

The body in charge of State Lotteries and Gambling also has its own web page for look up the numbers of the Christmas Lottery online and see if we are among the lucky ones.

This page offers the possibility of enter our numbers and participation in eurosand thus check if one of our tenths has been awarded.

Like the rest of platforms of this type, this website updated every so often to enter the new winning numbers.

State Lotteries and Gambling

Apps to check the results of the Christmas Lottery

Your lottery tenth lottery

TuLotero allows you to check the tenths of the Christmas Draw.

Although if you prefer Check your Christmas Lottery numbers from your mobileyou can always resort to one of the smartphone apps that exist. These are the most popular:


Like every year around these dates, TuLotero is once again one of the most downloaded apps of these dates.

And it is that it is a most complete app that allows you to check the Christmas raffle prizes from our device, at any time and place.

The application is updated with the latest winning numbers frequently, so you can know in real time if one of your numbers has been awarded with the Fator if you will have to wait until next year.

Google Play | TuLotero

AppStore | TuLotero


The official application of State Lotteries and Gambling It is another very good option when it comes to checking if our bank account is about to receive a juicy income thanks to the Christmas Lottery Draw.

This app allows consult the winning numbers and check if our tenths are among the winners. In Android, in addition, there are two different apps Created by the organization, which can be useful when checking the prizes.

Google Play | LotteriesPRO

Google Play | State Lottery and Betting Results

AppStore | State Lotteries and Gambling

What time is the Christmas Lottery played?

The Christmas Lottery Draw 2022 It is celebrated this Wednesday, December 22.

For the first time in history, it will be held without public presence at the Teatro Real for health security reasons. What has not changed is its schedule, because one more year the Draw will begin at 09:00 in the morning Spanish time, and 15 minutes later, at 09:15 a.m. the first balls of numbers and prizes will begin to be extracted.

Most likely the celebration lasts between three and four hours. Thus, the results should be available in their entirety around 13:00.

How to follow the draw live online

As every year, the Draw will be broadcast live fully in 1 of RTVE. It is possible to follow the celebration of the Christmas Lottery Draw 2022 live and online through the official website of RTVE.

RTVE live

However, this year a feed live on the official website of the Christmas Lottery, which will be updated in real time with the different prizes. There is also available a video streaming that allows you to follow the draw live.

Live Christmas lottery

What are the Christmas Lottery prizes?

mobile lottery ticket

Checking the lottery on mobile is now easier than ever.

Another aspect that has not changed this year either are the Christmas Lottery prizes.

  • Fat (1): 4,000,000 euros
  • 2nd Prize (1): €1,250,000
  • 3rd Prize (1): €500,000
  • 4th Prize (2): €200,000
  • 5th Prize (8): €60,000

But those are not the only ones prizes available. In the event that some of the numbers of our tenths coincide with the winning numbers, it is possible that we will ask to access some other type of prize. In the table available below, we list all prizes available in this Draw:

AwardsAmountseries award
El Gordo (first prize)14,000,000 euros
Second prize1€1,250,000
Third award1500,000 euros
fourth prizes2€200,000
fifth prizes860,000 euros
5-figure stones1,7941,000 euro
First Prize Approaches2€20,000
Second Prize Approaches2€12,500
Approaches to third prize2€9,600
First prize hundreds991,000 euro
Second prize hundreds991,000 euro
Third prize hundreds991,000 euros
Hundreds of the fourth Prizes1981,000 euros
Two last of the first prize9991,000 euro
Last two of the second prize9991,000 euros
Last two of the third prize9991,000 euros
Refunds (last figure of the Gordo)9,999200 euros

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