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How to clear Google Photos cache on Android


If you need space or Google Photos works badly, clearing its cache can solve your problems.

How to clear Google Photos cache on Android
Learn how to clear the cache of Google Photos and any other application

Clear Google Photos cache will free up space on your phone. That is why we are going to show you step by step how to do it. Although you should know beforehand that clearing the cache should not be done constantly, only on those occasions when it takes up too much, it is an application that we only use sporadically or when it does not work correctly.

How to clear the cache of Google Photos

The Google Photos cache is deleted in the same way as any other application. we just must enter the phone settings and delete it from the Applications menu. Do not worry if you do not know how to access, you just have to follow the following steps:

  • open the app Settings.
  • Select the menu Applications.
  • Tap on manage applications.
  • search and select google photos.
  • Click on Delete data and then in clear cache.
Screenshots showing how to clear Google Photos cache

Step-by-step guide on how to clear Google Photos cache

The route to carry out this process depends on the brand and model of the mobile, but in most it is similar to the previous one. Anyway, It is possible that in your device there are small variationslike “Clear data” appears as “Clear cache” directly.

What is the use of clearing the cache of Google Photos

Before explaining what it is for to clear the Google Photos cache, we must make it clear what the cache is. The cache is made up of all the dispensable files that an application download once so you don’t have to load them every time it starts. We refer to the data, thumbnails or photos that you use in your day to day, so it is more efficient to download them and keep them on your mobile than to load them every time you open it.

Once we know this, we can tackle the question. Clear the cache of this, or any other, app It is used to eliminate those dispensable files that take up space. In this way you will free up memory on your mobile and you will be able to download more files, in addition to which it should work better.

sounds good but this should not be done routinely because clearing the cache will slow down the app. This slowdown is temporary, until it downloads those cache files again, which it will do without any problems the next time we use it. It is best to delete it only if said memory takes up too much space or it is an app that we hardly use. If you need more space on your mobile, these 3 tricks will also help you.

Clearing the cache can fix Google Photos

When an application works incorrectly, one of the recommended actions to solve it is to clear its cache. This is because certain files may interfere with normal operationso, by deleting them, you can return to rendering correctly.

In case the error persists You can try these solutions:

  • restart your device.
  • update the app.
  • Reinstall the app.
  • Download another APK version of the application

On the latter, we call APK to the files that allow us to install an application from outside official portals, such as the Google Play Store. If you want to know more, here we explain how to download and install an APK.

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