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How to clear the Gmail cache on Android

How to clear the Gmail cache on Android


Is it worth it to delete the Gmail cache? It depends on the case.

How to clear the Gmail cache on Android
Cache doesn’t delete important app files

Clear Gmail cache will free up space on your mobile. In this way you will eliminate temporary files that are dispensable for the operation of the application. This practice should not be done constantly, but do it from time to time. it will improve the performance of your device. For this reason, we are going to explain step by step how to delete the Gmail cache on Android.

Why clear the cache

We previously discussed that deleting the cache frees up space on your mobile, but it is something more complex. cache it is made up of certain files that an application downloads to function more quicklyas data, thumbnails or photos. Instead of loading them every time it starts, it downloads them once so you don’t have to do it again.

This process does not delete important files, only those that the application can download again when needed. For this reason, you can clear the cache at any time, but this is not recommended, since you will only make the app work slower, since you do not have the files that make it up, so you will have to download them again. Clear the cache when it takes up too much space or when it is an application that you rarely use.

How to clear the Gmail cache

Gmail’s cache is deleted in the same way as any other application: from your mobile settings. The path to do this depends on the make and model of the phone, but for the most part it is similar to this:

  • Enter the application settings.
  • Descends to Applications.
  • Choose manage applications.
  • search and select Gmail.
  • Tap on clear cache. It is also possible that on your mobile the option appears as Clean data or a similar term.
Explanation of how to clear the Gmail cache on Android

Guide on how to delete the Gmail cache step by step on Android

How to free up space in Gmail

Clearing the cache will speed up mobile performance by removing dispensable files, but it won’t free up your inbox. The latter has 15 GB of memory to store emails, a space that it shares with Google Drive and Google Photos. After reaching this number, you will not be able to receive more emails unless buy more Google Drive space. To solve it, we are going to explain how to free up space in Gmail, which has nothing to do with the cache.

Delete larger emails

Sometimes an inbox is not saturated by receiving many emails, but by receiving a few very heavy ones. These usually contain large files, so We recommend you download these files, if you are interested, and then delete the emails. For this we will look for them in the tray.

The way to search for the heaviest emails is to order them by size, so the ones that occupy the most will appear first. On a computer it’s very easy, just tap on the switches to the right of the search bar and narrow down the size. However, on mobile it is different, here you must enter the command: has:attachment larger:20M in the search bar.

When performing the search using this command, those emails that occupy more than 20M will be displayed, but you can change this number. For example, if you only want to display those that are larger than 500M, enter the command has:attachment larger:500M.

remove subscriptions

A large part of the storage is consumed by automated messages. We refer to those that come from subscriptions and arrive periodically. You can get rid of them, and recover the space they occupy, by removing subscriptions. Type “unsubscribe” in the search bar to show the emails coming from these and decide what to do with each one.

remove spam

Gmail removes spam every 30 days, but if you’re tight on storage, you can get rid of it so you can receive more emails. For it, Enter the Spam folder and tap on Empty spam now. You can too filter spam so it doesn’t reach you.


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