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How to convert ODT to Word in Windows 11/10?

How to convert ODT to Word in Windows 11/10?


In this post, we will show you how to convert an OpenDocument Text document (ODT) file to Microsoft Word (DOCX, DOC, etc.) formats.

How to convert ODT to Word in Windows 11/10

Here are the methods you can use to convert an ODT document to DOC or DOCX format on your Windows PC:

Convert ODT to Word using WordPad or Word

convert ODT to Word

The first method that we are going to show you is to use WordPad or Microsoft Word to convert ODT to Word. Here are the steps to do that:

  • First, open the WordPad application using the Start menu.
  • Now, go to the File > Open option, and browse and import the source ODT document.
  • Next, click on the File > Save as option and select the Office Open XML document option.
  • After that, enter the filename of the output document and press the Save button to save the source ODT file in DOCX format.

Similarly, you can also use Microsoft Word to perform ODT to DOC or DOCX conversion.

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Use a free third-party software or online tool to convert ODT to Word

Another method to convert an ODT file to Word format is to use a third-party tool or software. Multiple free online tools are using which you can convert ODT files to DOC and DOCX formats. Some of these free tools are:

  • Convertio.co
  • FreeConvert.com
  • Online-Convert.com
  • CloudConvert.com

To use any of these online tools, open the website in a web browser, import the source document, set the output format to DOC or DOCX, and press the Convert button. Most of these tools support batch conversion. Hence, you can convert multiple ODT files to Word format at once.

Apart from online tools, there are some free software that you can use to convert ODT to Word format offline. To name some, here are the free ODT to Word converter software for Windows:

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So, these are some methods to convert ODT documents to Word format. You can opt for the method that is convenient for you.

Can I open an ODT file in Microsoft Word?

Yes, Microsoft Word supports the ODT file format. You can open the ODT document as well as save your document in ODT format using Word. If you want to convert ODT to other formats like DOC, DOCX, PDF, RTF, etc., you can do that too in Microsoft Word.

Why are my Word files saving as ODT?

If your documents are being saved in ODT format by default in Word, you have likely selected the OpenDocument format while installing Office on your PC. If you want to change the default format to save documents in Word, go to File > Options > Save. Then, select the desired format to save your document.

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convert ODT to Word


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