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How to craft glass in Minecraft?


One of the essential items for a Minecraft gamer is a glass bottle, which can only be crafted using a glass block. Not just that, you can decorate your house in Minecraft using the glass block. So, that’s why we must learn how to craft Glass blocks in Minecraft. In this post, that’s exactly what we are going to do.

How to craft Glass in Minecraft

To craft glass in Minecraft, we would require the following ingredients.

  1. Sand: To get sand, you should go to desert biome or water bodies where you can find sand on shore. You can also look for Red sand in the Badlands biome.
  2. Fuels: You can use any type of Fuel, be it lava buckets, wood blocks, charcoal, coal, kelp, etc. However, we encourage the use of lava buckets as they are more efficient.
  3. Furnace: The furnace will be used to burn the fuel

Once you have the aforementioned ingredients, go to the guide mentioned below to craft the glass of your choice.

Make a glass block in Minecraft

How to craft glass in Minecraft?

First of all, we will see how you can make the most generic type of glass block in Minecraft. Follow the steps mentioned below to do the same.

  1. Pick up a furnace, put it on a solid surface, and then open it.
  2. You then have to place the sand or red sand block we asked you to pick up into the top slot of the furnace.
  3. You need to place a fuel block in the bottom slot of the furnace.

This should do the job for you.

Craft dyed glass in Minecraft

Since we can not make custom structures using normal, let us make a stained one. For that, follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Place some flowers in the crafting area and it will turn into a dye.
  2. You then have to grab that die and place it in the middle of the cell.
  3. Now, place the glass, you can place 8 of them if you want at a single time, and let the magic happen.

Your glass will have that stained or dyed look

Light blocking tinted glass in Minecraft

When creating a structure, one requires glass that can block light but at the same time be transparent, that’s exactly what we are going to create now.

  1. First, mine underground in the Overworld to find a cluster of amethyst. Then mine its blocks to obtain 4 amethyst shards. You can also, look for chests of Ancient Cities to get these shards.
  2. Take the glass block and position it in the middle of the crafting table.
  3. Take 4 amethyst shards, put them beside (horizontally and vertically) the glass block, and wait for the glass to be tined, check the attached image in case of any confusion.

This will do the job for you.

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How do you smelt glass in Minecraft?

To smelt a glass, you need sand, a furnace, and fuel. You can get a red sand or the normal one, either way, it’s fine. Minecraft is also very liberal with fuels, you can pick anyone, however, we recommend lava buckets as they are more efficient. In the furnace, a sand block goes into the top cell, and fuel goes into the bottom to get a glass block.

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What tool do you use for glass in Minecraft?

There is no tool assigned tool for glass, they can be mined with any tool at the same speed. However, if you want to pick up the glass, you need to add silk enchantments to your tool of choice as they are fragile in nature.

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How to craft glass in Minecraft?

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