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How to Create a Crayon Effect Chart in Excel


How to Create a Crayon Effect Chart in Excel

Microsoft Excel is a program that is known to be advanced in creating charts, you can use the predefined charts or create your own Excel charts for your presentation, but did you know that you can add a pencil effect to your charts to make them look like sketch? In this tutorial, we will explain how to create a pencil effect chart in Excel.

How to Create a Crayon Effect Chart in Excel

Follow these steps to create a pencil effect chart in Excel:

  1. Open Excel spreadsheet
  2. Insert chart
  3. Add a shape and convert it to an image.
  4. Add effects to the rectangle.
  5. Add a Pencil Effect to a Chart
  6. Change the background color of a chart area

Let’s look at the steps involved in this in detail.

Insert Chart

Launch Microsoft Excel.

  • Select the data you want to include in the chart from the table.
  • Click Insert .
  • Click Pie Chart in the Graphics group.
  • Choose Pie Chart in the 2D section.
  • The pie chart is inserted into the spreadsheet.

Add a shape and hide it in the picture

  • Click Insert .
  • Click shape in the Illustration group and choose a rectangle from the menu.
  • Draw a rectangle on the spreadsheet.
  • Now we are going to cut out a rectangle from the spreadsheet.
  • Press ctrl x to cut the rectangle.
  • Then right click spreadsheet and select picture under Paste Options in the context menu. This saves the rectangle as an image.

Add effects to the rectangle.

Now that the rectangle has been converted to an image, you can access the Image Format tab.

Make sure the rectangle is selected.

go to Picture Format and press Artistic in the Settings group.

Choose Pencil Greyscale from the menu.

Now click color in the Settings group.

From the drop down menu in Recolor select color You want.

Add a Pencil Effect to a Chart

Now we are going to copy the rectangle image to the clipboard.

Right click rectangle, then go to Home and press Copy .

Choose Copy from the menu.

Now it has been copied to the clipboard.

Now right click chart’s data point and select Format Data Point from the menu or by double clicking data point on the chart.

The Data Format item appears.

Click Fill and Line .

Click Fill and select picture or texture fill then press clipboard in the Image Source section.

You will notice that one of the slices of the pie chart is a pencil effect.

This will have a pencil effect because you have formatted this slice’s data point.

To turn other slices of the pie chart into a colored pencil effect, follow the same procedure as in the tutorial.

Change the background color of a chart area

Right click chart and select Format Chart Area .

The format chart area will open on the right.

Click Fill and Line .

Under Fill click solid fill.

Then choose color.

The background of the chart area will change to the color you selected.

What is a 2D Pie Chart?

A 2D pie chart displays a circle divided into sections representing specific data; it shows proportions in general. A 2D pie chart is used when the numbers are 100% and should be used if the chart consists of multiple pie segments.

How to customize the chart?

If you would like to customize your charts, you can do so by clicking chart design in the menu bar, which contains functions to help you customize the chart style, color scheme, layouts, etc. You can also right-click chart to customize chart data points, data series, and legend.

What are chart elements in Excel?

Excel chart elements are all chart elements except the chart row and chart area. The chart elements in a chart are data labels, axes, axis titles, chart titles, legends, error bars, gridlines, and so on.

How to create a pie chart in Excel with percentages?

Follow these steps to create a pie chart in Excel 2010:

  1. Right click any slice on the chart and select Format Data Labels .
  2. In the Data Label Format panel, select value or Percentage or both.

Above is the information on how to create a Crayon effect chart in Excel. Let find out in the comments which one worked for you. Also, all your questions are welcome in the comments section below.

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