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How to create a Shield in Minecraft?


Shields are one of the most essential components in a combat in Minecraft. You can not even think of surviving if you don’t Shield or any other protective equipment. In this post, we will learn how you can create a Shield in Minecraft and every other thing there is to know about them.

How to create a Shield in Minecraft?

What is Minecraft Shield and what can they block?

Shields, as the name suggests, is an equipment to protect the user from attacks. If you are holding the shield, you most likely will not experience much damage in a fight, however, you need to take a moment to pause and use this as an active defensive tactic. Do keep in mind that even though the Shield can block a lot of things it can’t block every attack. The following are the things that Shield can block.

  • It can block Melle attacks but not mobs with an axe.
  • It will block Arrows that are normal, tipped, and spectral.
  • Tridents, snowballs, and eggs can also be blocked using Shield.
  • Mobs such as blazes, llamas, shulkers, and pufferfishes of Projectile attacks can also be blocked with the help of Shield.
  • Shields can block Bee stings.
  • You can also protect yourself if you use Explosion damage from creepers and TNT.
  • Beam attacks from guardians and elder guardians but only at half capacity can also be stopped using Shields.

However, the things mentioned below can not be blocked using Shield.

  • If someone shoots an arrow at you using a crossbow with piercing enchantments can not be blocked using a Shield.
  • You can not block the Status effects of tipped arrows and shulker bullets on Bedrock edition using Shield.
  • In Java edition, TNT lit by a player or Redstone can be blocked using Shield.
  • Teleportation and fall damage can not be blocked using Shield.
  • You can not use Shield when someone attacks from mobs with an axe.
  • Unfortunately, if someone attacks like the sonic shriek of a Warden can be blocked using Shield.
  • If you are struck by Warden directly, Shield cannot help you.

Now, let us see how to create a shield.

How to Get or Create a Shield in Minecraft

You can get a Shield in Minecraft by trading with journeyman-level armorer villagers. They are exchanging shields for five emeralds. However, there is no need to waste emeralds as we will learn how to create one in this section.

Items required to craft Shield

In order to create Shield, you must have an Iron Ingot, 6 Planks, and of course a crafting table. As for the former, first look for iron ore, then smelt it in a furnace or a blast furnace as it will yield iron ingots. You can get Plans by placing stems, logs, or wood in the crafting area to obtain planks.

Craft Shield in Minecraft

After accumulating the items required to craft a shield, let’s get on with the crafting.

  1. Open the Crafting table, now put the iron ingot in the middle cell of the first row.
  2. Now, in the first row itself, on either side of the iron ingot, you need to put a plank.
  3. Then, place planks in the second row of the crafting area.
  4. Finally, to craft a shield, place a plank in the center of the bottom row in the crafting grid.

Do keep in mind that, the woods don’t have to match. You can place any wood in place of planks.

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Craft Custom Shield in Minecraft Java Edition

You can use a banner with a Shield to create a custom one in the Java edition of Minecraft. Sadly, as of now, this feature is not available for Bedrock users. To craft a banner, combine six wool blocks with a stick, or just look around and you will find it. After collecting a banner, place it with the shield on a crafting table, and you will get a Custom Shield.

In order to use a Shield in Minecraft, you need to either right-click or the secondary action key to use it, your player will hold on to the shield.

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How do I make a shield in Minecraft?

To make a shield in Minecraft you need to have Iron Ingot and 6 Planks and place them in a certain order on a Crafting table. This will give you a shield, however, if you add a banner to the shield, you can superimpose the banner on the shield.

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Why can’t I make a shield in Minecraft?

The problem with shields in Minecraft is that they can only be built using wood. If you are using anything else, you most likely will not get what you want. Also, check the configuration mentioned above to do it correctly.

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How to create a Shield in Minecraft?

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