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How to disable Web Proxy Auto-Discovery (WPAD) in Windows 11/10 - Upgraded Tamilan
How to disable Web Proxy Auto-Discovery (WPAD) in Windows 11/10

How to disable Web Proxy Auto-Discovery (WPAD) in Windows 11/10

Web Proxy Auto-Discovery or WPAD allows apps such as browsers to discover the location of a web URL or a file on the internet. It was introduced in 1999, letting browsers know which proxy to use. So if you are in a corporate environment with its proxy, the browser can figure out that using the auto-discovery. However, the protocol is not safe anymore and can easily be hijacked. So you should disable Web Proxy Auto-Discovery (WPAD) in Windows 11/10.

How to disable Web Proxy Auto-Discovery (WPAD) in Windows 11/10

How to disable Web Proxy Auto-Discovery (WPAD) in Windows 11/10

You can disable it using the following methods, but you must use an admin account.

  1. Disable WPAD by disabling WINS/NetBT name resolution
  2. Stop WPAD using a host file entry
  3. Group Policy Editor
  4. Registry method

While Group Policy Editor is not available for Windows Home, you can install it using an easy guide. If not, then you can use the Registry method.

1] Disable WPAD by disabling WINS/NetBT name resolution

disable netbios tcp ip

  • Open Settings and navigate to Network & Internet > Advanced network settings
  • Click on More network adapter options to open the classic control panel
  • Next, double-click on the network adaptor you use to connect to the internet
  • In the network properties window, click on the Properties button
  • In the next window, double click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
  • Click Advanced, and then switch to the WINS tab,
  • Then check the radio button next to Disable NetBIOS over TCP/IP

Restart the PC to apply the change.

2] Stop WPAD using a host file entry

You can also disable it using the HOST file.

  1. Open Windows Explorer using Win + E
  2. Go to  %systemdrive%WindowsSystem32Driversetchosts
  3. Create the following entry for WPAD in the host file: wpad

It will disable the WPAD usage on your PC.

3] Group Policy Editor

disable caching of auto proxy scripts

  • Open Run prompt (Win + R), type gpedit.msc, and then press the Enter key
  • Navigate to the following in the GPO
User ConfigurationAdministrative TemplatesWindows ComponentsInternet Explorer
  • Locate the policy with the name Disable caching of Auto-Proxy scripts.
  • Double click to open, and then
    Click Enable, and then click OK.

4] Make changes via Registry

Since we are modifying the registry here, make sure to take a backup or create a System Restore point. You can always bring the system back to a working state if something goes wrong.

WinHTTPAutoProxySVC Start Registry

  • Open the Run prompt, type regedit, and press Shift + Enter to launch the registry editor.
  • Navigate to the following path
  • Double click on Start REG_DWORD to get into edit mode
  • Set the value as 4
  • Once done, close the registry editor and then reboot for changes to take place.

I hope the post was easy to follow, and you were able to disable Web Proxy Auto-Discovery (WPAD) in Windows 11/10.

What does Auto proxy Discovery do?

The process of automatic proxy detection involves the identification of a Web proxy server by the system, which is then used to send requests on behalf of the client. This feature is commonly referred to as Web Proxy Auto-Discovery (WPAD).

ReadError Writing Proxy Settings, Access is denied

When should I use proxy?

Proxy servers are an easy way to improve speeds and conserve bandwidth on a network. Proxy servers can free up valuable bandwidth on busy networks by compressing traffic, caching files and web pages accessed by multiple users, and stripping ads from websites.

Is a proxy the same as a VPN?

A VPN and proxy server both conceal your IP address. But a VPN will also encrypt the data you send and receive, something that a proxy server doesn’t do. If you are already using a VPN, connecting to a website or app through a proxy server would be unnecessary.

Does Windows have a built-in proxy?

Web Proxy Auto-Discovery

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