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How to enable and use Copilot in Whiteboard

How to enable and use Copilot in Whiteboard


This post will show you how to enable and use Copilot in Whiteboard. Microsoft Whiteboard is a free, multi-platform application that offers a virtual whiteboard. This lets users and team members collaborate and express their ideas in real time. Recently, Microsoft has integrated Copilot in Whiteboard.


What does MS Whiteboard do?

Microsoft Whiteboard is a blank canvas where users can draw, sketch, and write, just like a physical whiteboard. It allows multiple users to collaborate on the same Whiteboard in real-time. Whiteboard offers a range of features that enhance collaboration, creativity, and productivity in both professional and educational settings.

Here are some key features of using Microsoft Whiteboard:

  • Flexible and infinite digital canvas
  • Ink to Shape and Intelligent Ink Recognition
  • Annonate content using sticky notes and text boxes
  • Insert images and documents
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • Integration with Microsoft 365

How to enable and use Copilot in Whiteboard?

Follow these steps to enable and use Copilot in Microsoft Whiteboard:

Open Microsoft Whiteboard and choose one of your previously created Whiteboards or create a new one.

Here, select the Copilot button beside the Whiteboard toolbar.

The Copilot prompt Window will now open; enter your prompt and click on the Send arrow.

Copilot in Whiteboard

Copilot will now generate six suggestions.

Select Insert beside the suggestion, and they’ll be placed on the whiteboard as separate sticky notes.

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I hope these steps help you.

How do you turn on Copilot?

To turn on Microsoft Copilot, open Settings and click on the Accessibility option. Then enable the toggle the switch beside Copilot. You’ve turned Copilot and can easily navigate, use, and control your device with another input device.

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How do I enable external users on Whiteboard?

To enable external users on Whiteboard, open Account Settings in the navigation menu and select the Whiteboard tab. Next, select the Whiteboard tab, navigate to the Whiteboard cloud sharing section, and check the option Also allow external authentication.

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