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How to enable and use Link Preview in Chrome browser?

How to enable and use Link Preview in Chrome browser?


This tutorial shows how to enable and use Link Preview in Chrome browser on Windows 11/10 PC. This new feature helps to preview a webpage link or linked page without opening that link in a new tab or within the same tab. A small interactive window is opened to preview a webpage, so you don’t have to leave the active tab. You can scroll up and down and click on other links in that preview window. This feature works on both regular windows and in Incognito mode.

enable use link preview chrome

Apart from that, you can also switch to other tabs, apps or programs, and the preview window will remain on the top. What makes this feature more interesting is you can open more than one preview window from separate tabs to preview linked pages. But, do note that only one preview window can be opened per tab.

How to enable Link Preview in Chrome browser?

enable link preview in chrome

First, update the Google Chrome browser (if not already) to the latest version. Now follow these steps to enable the Link Preview feature in your Chrome browser:

  1. Open the Chrome browser
  2. Type chrome://flags in the address bar or Omnibox and press Enter
  3. In the Search box, type Link Preview, and the related setting will be visible
  4. Use the drop-down menu of the Link Preview setting and select the Enabled option
  5. Press the Relaunch button.

Now the Link Preview feature is active or enabled.

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How to use Link Preview in Chrome browser?

preview link right click option

The steps to use the Link Preview feature in Chrome browser are as follows:

  1. Open a webpage in the Chrome browser
  2. Right-click on a linked page or link
  3. Select the Preview link option present in the right-click menu
  4. An interactive window will open immediately. Let the webpage load completely in that preview window and don’t click anywhere otherwise the preview window will close and you need to repeat the steps
  5. Alternatively, you can also use the Alt+left mouse button on a link to open the preview window
  6. Once the preview window is opened, you can move it to any part of your desktop screen. However, you can’t adjust the size of that window as it is fixed.

Repeat the above steps to open more preview windows for linked webpages without opening them.

In case you want to turn off or disable the Link Preview feature in Google Chrome, open the Flags page (or Experiments page) of the browser. Access the Link Preview setting and select Disabled from the drop-down menu. Restart the browser and changes will be applied successfully.

The feature is indeed useful but it could have been better had it come with the ability to resize the preview window.

That’s all.

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How do I enable preview mode in Chrome?

To enable preview mode for a link (present in a webpage) in Chrome browser on Android, then tap and hold on the link. This will open the context menu for that particular link. In that menu, click on the Preview page option. A pop-up will appear to preview that link and you can also open other links in the same Preview page. You can also open the preview in a new tab or simply close the Preview page.

How do I preview a website in Chrome?

To preview a website in different dimensions or resolutions in Chrome on a desktop, right-click on a webpage of that site, and select the Inspect option. Use the Ctrl+Shift+M hotkey and the webpage preview will be visible on the left section with Responsive dimensions. Use the drop-down menu available on the top part to select any of the preset dimensions (like iPhone 14 Pro Max, Galaxy Fold, etc.). You can also manually enter dimensions (width and height) and preview the webpages of that site.

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enable use link preview chrome


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