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How to enable and use Studio Effects In Windows 11


To enhance the remote working capabilities and provide the best experience while using the camera and microphone on Windows 11, Microsoft introduced Windows Studio Effects. Let’s see what Windows Studio Effects is and how to enable and use Studio Effects in Windows 11.

How to enable and use Studio Effects In Windows 11

Microsoft has been focusing a lot on AI and incorporating generative AI capabilities in its products, including Windows 11. These features make tasks easier and provide a lot of convenience to the users.

What are Windows Studio Effects?

Generally while using the camera and microphone on Windows 11, we do not have many options to customize how they behave, how the image looks, etc. We need to have a third-party program to enhance the camera and microphone settings to suit our needs. Microsoft has made some new features for cameras and microphones to get the most out of them without installing a third-party program. The features that enhance the camera and microphone usage are called Windows Studio Effects.

The feature is available only on PCs that have a Neural Processing Unit (NPU). It is only available in the recent devices. Users with NPU chips on their devices are using the Windows Studio Effects and making the most out of it. You can use the following features with Windows Studio Effects:

Background effects: With Windows Studio Effects, you get a feature to blur the background and elevate the subject. This is also called the portrait effect. When you have the most distracting background, you can use the background effects and shift the focus.

Eye contact: It is a normal thing that while on calls or meetings, we tend to look at the screen rather than the camera. The eye contact feature adjusts your eyes so that it looks as if you’re directly looking into the camera. It enhances the connection with other people and makes them more attentive.

Automatic framing: We move a lot while on calls or meetings. Sometimes we cover the entire frame or move out of the frame. The automatic frame feature helps the camera automatically zoom and crop the image so that it looks stable as you move around.

Voice focus: We live in a noisy world without a lot of background noise in the form of traffic. Voice focus mutes all the background noise and helps you sound crisper and clearer without any disturbing noises in the background.

How to enable and use Studio Effects In Windows 11

Windows Studio Effects are not available for everyone. So, if your PC has the Windows Studio effects feature in the Settings app as well as the Taskbar Corner Overflow. You can access and use Studio Effects in two ways on Windows 11.

Access Studio effects from the Taskbar Corner Overflow icons

To use Studio Effects on Windows 11 from the Taskbar, click on the Taskbar Corner Overflow icons and Click on the Studio effects tab to enable them.

Studio Effects on Windows 11

Then, click on the arrow > to access the features of Studio effects. You will see your image while your camera is in use. You can tweak the Camera as well as Microphone settings by clicking on their icons at the top-right of the panel.

studio effects on Windows

With the live preview of the Studio effects you use, you can turn on or turn off the feature, you do not like.

Access Studio effects in the Settings app

To access Studio effects from the Settings app, open the Settings app and click on the Bluetooth & devices tab on the left sidebar. Then, select the Cameras tab.

Camera settings

You will see the Connected camera there. Click on the camera you are using.

Connected cameras

It will open the settings of the camera you have selected. You will see the preview of your image and the Camera Effects under it. Expand the Camera Effects tab. Enable or disable the feature you want by toggling the button beside each one of them.

Camera Studio Effects

To enable or disable Voice focus from the Settings app, click on the System and select Sound.

Sound settings

Under the Input section, you will find microphone devices. Click on the Microphone you use.

microphone settings

In the microphone settings, you will see the Audio enhancements tab. Click on the drop-down button beside it and select Microsoft Windows Studio Voice Focus. Then, toggle the button beside Voice Focus to start using it.

Voice focus Studio Effects

You can disable them anytime you want in the same way.

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How do I access Windows Studio effects?

You can access the Windows Studio effects from the Settings app and the Taskbar Corner Overflow icons. If you do not see Studio effects options, it means your device is not compatible with Windows Studio effects.

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How to enable and use Studio Effects In Windows 11

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