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How to Enable and View Transcription in Teams Meeting

How to Enable and View Transcription in Teams Meeting


This post will show you how to view live transcription in Microsoft Teams meetings. Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform that facilitates seamless communication and collaboration in enterprises. The platform recently introduced a feature called Live transcription.

view live transcription in Microsoft Teams meetings

Live transcription allows participants to see real-time transcriptions of spoken words during the meeting. This feature helps users with hearing impairments and allows them to have a written conversation record.

How to Enable and View Transcription in Teams Meeting

Follow these steps to view live transcription in Teams:

Start transcription

  1. In the Teams meeting, navigate to the meeting controls
  2. Click on More actions.
  3. Click on Start transcription under Record and transcribe.

Now, all the meeting participants will receive a notification that the meeting is being transcribed. The transcript will now appear on the right side of the screen.

Also, the transcript language should be the same as the language that’s being spoken in the meeting. Here’s how you can change the Teams language settings:

Transcript settings

  1. Select Transcript settings at the top right of the transcript Window.
  2. Take the pointer to Spoken Language and choose the language everyone is speaking in the meeting.
  3. Select Confirm, and the language of the transcript will change.

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I hope you are now able to use live transcription in Teams.

Why is my Teams meeting transcript not showing?

If the Teams meeting transcript is not showing, check if your organization has enabled the recording and transcription feature. Also, check if the live transcription feature is available in your area.

Where does Microsoft Teams store recordings and transcripts?

Microsoft Teams generally stores recordings and transcripts in OneDrive or SharePoint. However, many organizations use Microsoft Stream and some store recordings on their local device and can find them in a folder on your device.


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