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How to exit Desktop Mode on Steam Deck


Valve Production has launched its own handheld gaming console called Steam Deck. This device not only incorporates all the games from your Steam library but also enables running non-Steam games through Proton. Due to it being, recently launched, some users are not aware of the Desktop mode. In this article, we are going to discuss how to exit Desktop Mode on Steam Deck.

How to exit Desktop Mode on Steam Deck

What is the Desktop mode in Steam Deck?

Steam Deck is just like Nintendo Switch where it’s easy to access Steam’s library. This gaming handheld runs on SteamOS, thus incorporating all of Steam’s features into this small device. Apart from collected notifications, Steam Deck has a Desktop mode. This feature enables us to use Steam Deck on a bigger screen by connecting it with the PC or desktop screens. Not only this, but we can also access Linux third-party apps via the same feature.

How to exit the Desktop mode on Steam Deck

One of the easiest ways to exit the Desktop mode is by double-clicking the Return to Gaming mode icon. Valve production has set this icon as a default mode to exit the Desktop mode. However, you can follow the instructions given below if this shortcut is not available:

  1. Click on the Steam icon from the left corner of the taskbar.
  2. Click on the Shutdown button.
  3. Lastly, select the Restart button.

You will be able to access the main Steam OS interface once the Steam Deck boots back to life.

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How to access the Desktop mode on Steam Deck

Steam Deck is a recent addition to Valve production, and due to this very reason, some users are not able to access the Desktop mode affluently. Hence, we are going to see how to see access the same.

To change your Steam Deck into a full-fledged gaming setting and turn on the Desktop mode on Steam Deck, follow the steps prescribed below:

  1. Click on the Steam button on the Steam Deck.
  2. Scroll, find, and click on the Power button.
  3. In the Power Menu, select the highlighted Switch to Desktop button.

Now, wait for Steam Deck to switch to Desktop mode, and enjoy Steam’s popular games on the big screen. Alternatively, we can also access the Desktop mode by pressing the Power button to open the Power menu. In the Power menu, click on the same button as mentioned earlier.

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How to fix Return to gaming icon not appearing?

Due to some glitches, users are unable to see the Return to Gaming Mode on their screen. To fix this glitch, we are going to create a shortcut and to do the same, here are the steps:

If done properly, this will create the shortcut desktop naming Return to Gaming Mode. To exit the Desktop mode, double-tap on this shortcut.

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How to exit Desktop Mode on Steam Deck

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