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How to find and use Moss in Minecraft?

How to find and use Moss in Minecraft?


The addition of Moss in the recent updates has become a popular subject in Minecraft. Moss brings out a more natural and overgrown aesthetic in the game. In this article, we’ll delve into this newly introduced item, and discover how to find and use Moss in Minecraft.

What is Moss in Minecraft?

find and use Moss in Minecraft

Before trying to find Moss and its uses, let’s first understand moss, its look, and its specialty. In the recent update of Minecraft, many items were introduced, and Moss was one of them. It is generally a decorative block with a vibrant green texture that contributes to a more overgrown and natural environment. Using Moss, gamers can craft a log of things (discussed in the later sections), however, it’s necessary to find them first.

How to find and use Moss?

The most natural way to obtain moss is by scavenging Lush caves. To find these lush caves, we need to be careful of our surroundings and keep an eye on the vegetation. It is generally filled with a unique flower called Azalea. Gamers can also use Elytra or traditional mining techniques to dig into the ground.

After finding the lush caves, users can do two things: either mine the moss with their hands or mine them using a tool enchanted with silk touch. Both actions harbor different reactions: the former will produce mossy cobblestone (occurs naturally in dungeons jungles, temples, underwater ruins, and in old-growth taiga biome) whereas the latter will produce intact moss blocks.

Gamers can also find the item in dungeons and strongholds, or trade two moss blocks with traders at the expense of one emerald. Other alternatives to create or spread moss blocks are to use shears on cobblestones or apply bone meal to them in the presence of air blocks.

How to use moss in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, moss is generally associated with decorating and creative lense, however, it does have other uses as well.

  1. First and foremost, it’s a necessary item to craft Mossy cobblestone, stone bricks, and moss carpets. Moss carpets are a thin layer of moss used for decorative purposes, crafted by placing moss blocks in a 2*2 pattern on the crafting grid.
  2. Gamers with aesthetic eyes can give rigged, weathered, and realistic appearance to structures like ancient ruins, dungeons, or other structures.
  3. While in the discovery of moss, gamers generally come face to face with glow berries. While not directly related to moss, they are part of the lush cave biome. These berries can be harvested to eat as food or as a faint light-emitting source.
  4. Placing the Sniffer (a newly added super cute dinosaur-like passive mob who can sniff ancient seeds that will grow into torch flower and pitcher plants) egg on the moss will allow it to hatch 2 times faster than anywhere else.

So, these were some of the uses of Moss.

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What can I craft with Moss in Minecraft?

Moss is primarily used for crafting blocks, carpets, and stone. To craft moss blocks, either use a tool enchanted with silk touch enchantment on mossy cobblestones or use shears on the cobblestones.  Now using this block, we can either craft a moss stone (placing four stone bricks, and one moss block in a 2*2 pattern in the crafting grid) or a moss carpet(placing moss blocks in a 2*2 pattern in the crafting table).

Disadvantage of crafting moss

Crafting moss and its related items is a creative and decorative item that does not inherently come with disadvantages. However, there are certain things need to be considered such as resource consumption, personal preferences, and aesthetic suitability. Some people might think that using bone meal, a necessary item for accelerating plant growth, in crafting moss blocks is a waste of resources. Or they might think that the vibrant green color of moss does not sit well with certain buildings or structures.

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Where does Moss spread in Bedrock Edition?

In Java as well as Bedrock edition, Moss spreading mechanics is quite similar to each other, there are no major differences. In both editions, moss blocks can spread to adjacent stone blocks when bone meal is applied to them. However, in Java edition, moss blocks can spread to both stone and cobblestone whereas it is restricted to only stone blocks in Bedrock addition.

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Can you grow moss in Minecraft?

Moss farming involves applying bone meal to a moss block, yielding more moss blocks, azalea, flowering azalea, and bone meal. It’s also possible to farm moss carpets, seeds, and grass using this method.

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find and use Moss in Minecraft


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