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How to find docking station in Device Manager in Windows 11


This post will show you how to find a docking station in Device Manager on a Windows 11/10 PC. A docking station is a hardware device that acts as a central hub for connecting a laptop to multiple monitors and peripherals. It reduces the hassle of plugging and unplugging multiple cables for various peripherals. It makes it easier for the users to transition from a mobile setup to a desktop-like environment quickly.

How to find docking station in Device Manager in Windows 11

If you’ve connected and set up a docking station on your Windows 11 laptop, read this post to learn how to identify the docking station in the Device Manager app.

How to find docking station in Device Manager in Windows 11

Here are the steps you need to follow to find your docking station in the Device Manager app on your Windows 11/10 PC:

  1. Open Device Manager
  2. Locate the docking station
  3. Identify the docking station

Let us see this in detail.

1] Open Device Manager

open device manager windows 11

Start by opening the Device Manage app. There are multiple ways to open Device Manager on a Windows 11/10 PC. You may type ‘device manager’ in the Windows Search bar and click Open next to the Device Manager app that shows up in the search results. Or right-click on the WinX menu and select Device Manager from the list that shows up. Once Opened, the Device Manager window will show all the hardware devices connected to or installed on your Windows 11 laptop.

2] Locate the docking station

The majority of docking stations available today connect to the laptop via one of three ports: USB Type-A, USB Type-C, or Thunderbolt. Depending upon its type, the docking station might appear as a separate device or as part of a USB hub or adapter in the Device Manager app.

If your docking station connects via USB, look for USB hubs or controllers in the Universal Serial Bus controllers section (click on the arrow to the left of the section to expand it). The docking station might be listed as one of the USB devices.

Docking station listed in Device Manager

If your docking station includes network connectivity, check the Network adapters section for any additional network devices associated with the docking station. The Device Manager may identify the docking station as an extension of your computer’s available ports instead of a single device.

Also, check the Other devices section to see if the dock is listed as a Thunderbolt device (if it is a Thunderbolt dock).

We recommend that you also check hidden devices in Device Manager (click on the View menu at the top and select Show hidden devices) to reveal any hidden devices that may be related to the docking station.

3] Identify the docking station

The docking station is usually labeled with the name of the manufacturer or the model of the docking station in the Device Manager app if it is successfully recognized by the operating system. If you are having trouble finding it on your system, try unplugging and replugging the docking station. It should show up in Device Manager as a result of this.

Device issue related to dock

If the Device Manager shows any unknown devices or devices with issues, they might be related to the docking station. To fix this issue, undock your laptop, wait 5 seconds, and then reconnect it to the dock. After a while, the Device Manager will refresh and display the devices correctly.

Windows 11 not detecting docking station

If Windows 11 is not detecting your docking station, first make sure it is compatible with your device. Then reboot your PC and see if it helps. If not, update your graphics driver. Open Device Manager and double-click on Display adapters to expand the section. Right-click on each graphics card driver and select Update driver. Also, try reinstalling the graphics drivers to fix the docking station issue.

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How do I identify my Dell docking station?

Refer to the Service Tag (seven-digit alphanumeric code) or Express Service Code (10 to 11-digit numeric version of the Service Tag) printed on a label located on the bottom panel of your Dell docking station to identify the device. Alternatively, open Device Manager and look for your docking station under Universal Serial Bus controllers or Network adapters. Right-click on the docking station, select Properties, and click on the Details tab for detailed information about the device.

What is the button on Dell docking station?

The buttons or switches on a Dell docking station serve specific functions. Many Dell docking stations have an Eject button that allows you to safely disconnect the laptop from the docking station. Some advanced docking stations have a Power button that replicates your system’s power button and allows you to power on/sleep/force shutdown the laptop.

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How to find docking station in Device Manager in Windows 11

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