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How to find new games on Steam


Believe it or not, Steam has some of the best video games of any platform available right now. This is because the service has been around for multiple decades, and as such, it has amassed over 50,000 games and more than 120 million monthly users. Now, with Steam being such a popular platform, users always want to find the best games to play. The question is, how does one make use of the features offered by Steam to find quality new video games in various categories and at different price points? Well, we have a few ideas.

How to find games on Steam

Steam has several tools that gamers can use to find new video games to play, and we’re going to list the options that make sense. Some of these options you may already know of, while others you may not have. Rest assured though, they all work pretty well.

  1. Steam Curators Feature
  2. Steam Discovery Queue Feature
  3. The Steam Play Next Feature
  4. Search for new games on Steam
  5. The Steam Labs Feature

1] Steam Curators Feature

Steam Curators

Folks who rely on the recommendation of others to find great games to play must take advantage of what the Steam Curators feature has to offer. Players can follow curators such as top reviewers, communities, people, and even organizations.

Simply visit the official Steam Curators website. Players must sign in with their Steam ID or open the page in the Steam app before being able to follow curators.

Once you’ve signed in, click on Find More Curators to reveal a list of hundreds of curators with recommended games you may like. You can also click on the Most Popular tab to see the most followed curators by people such as yourself.

2] Steam Discovery Queue Feature

Steam Discovery Queue

Another wonderful feature Steam has to offer, is one called the Discovery Queue. This section performs all the work by automatically preparing a list f games that is based on your taste. For example, the list is influenced by the games you purchase, play, top-selling games, and titles selected from the queue itself.

We should point out that the Discovery Queue only consists of 12 games and the list changes on the daily basis. Now, it is possible to select a game from the queue and add it to your wishlist, follow one or more games if you find them interesting, or buy them outright.

To find the Discovery Queue, click on the Store tab, then Discovery Queue from the context menu.

3] The Steam Play Next Feature

After you’ve completed a game, you might be considering what else to play. Well, this feature will not help you to find new games to play but rather titles you already own that you have yet to play. This feature tries to determine the list based on what you’ve recently played, and from what can tell, it works quite well.

The Play Next Feature is not perfect, but it is better than not knowing what to play, so if you want to give it a test run, you only need to look at the top of your Steam Library where you’ll find Play Next.

4] Search for new games on Steam

How to find new games on Steam

Steam has powerful search tools to help users find whatever they want, or better yet, whatever is available on the platform. It’s super easy to use and it goes deeper than what you see from the surface.

All you have to do is type the name of the game you want to find in the search box. To do deeper, then, you can search through the categories, hardware compatibility, genre, and more. When you’re done you will definitely find the next big thing that will keep you occupied for the next couple of days.

Additionally, the option is there to search for games by price. So, if you only want to find titles at a $20 price point, then you can do that without issues.

5] The Steam Labs Feature

Steam Labs

If everything above fails to tickle your fancy, then we suggest giving Steam Labs a try. You see, Steam Labs is a place that contains many experimental features that you can choose to try or not. Some of these experiments may become permanent features of Steam, while others disappear for good.

The usefulness of Steam Labs is all down to the experimental features and what you want to do. In a situation like this where finding new games to play is the primary factor, we would like to recommend using Experiment 13, also known as Store Hub Experiment.

After visiting the Store Hub Experiment section, you should come across several game recommendations. Click on the ones you want, and you’ll be brought to the main page.

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Is there a monthly fee for Steam?

Steam is free to use and has been this way ever since its conception. At the time of writing, Valve has never spoken of any formal plans to introduce a subscription system in the future, but anything is possible so always be on the lookout.

Is Steam for PC only?

At the moment, Steam is available only for Windows, Linux, and Mac. There are apps for iOS and Android, but they are companion apps so not important when it comes to playing video games.

What kind of computer do I need to play Steam games?

If you want to run most games on Steam in an efficient manner, then you should invest in a gaming-centric laptop or computer. Any lower hardware and you’ll have serious problems with performance.

Steam Search Feature

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