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How to fix corrupted bootres.dll file on Windows 10

How to fix corrupted bootres.dll file on Windows 10


In this post we will see what is bootres.dll in Windows 10 and where it is located. We will also see how to fix or replace a corrupted bootres.dll file that can prevent the Windows desktop from loading and give an error message – Boot critical file resourcescustombootres.dll is corrupt… Sometimes this error can even cause the automatic recovery screen to load.

What is the bootres.dll file

Dynamic link libraries (DLLs) and are external parts of applications that run on Windows or any other operating system. Most applications are not complete on their own and store their code in separate files. If there is a need for code, the associated file is loaded into memory and used. If the operating system or software cannot find the appropriate DLL file, or if the DLL file is corrupted, you may receive an error message.

Bootres.dll is a system-critical 90KB OS file located approximately in the Windows folder. It is part of the bootable resource library and plays an important role in making sure your computer boots correctly.

If it gets damaged, the computer may fail to boot and you may receive an error message – bootres.dll is corrupted

bootres.dll is corrupted

If your bootres.dll is corrupted, here are a few things you can try to resolve.

If your computer automatically boots to the automatic repair screen, you can click on this option to start the automatic repair.

Otherwise, in order to access and run the automatic repair manually, you need to boot into the advanced startup options. In advanced options, you can:

  1. Use system restore
  2. Start Windows from an external device,
  3. Start automatic repair,
  4. Command line access
  5. Use System Image Restore to restore Windows from a factory image.

If automatic repair fails, you can try System Restore or use Command Prompt to follow some of the other steps mentioned below.

1]Run the System File Checker in Safe Mode as it may give better results. This post shows you how to boot Windows 10 in Safe Mode.

The safest way to fix missing or corrupt DLL file errors caused by your Windows operating system is to run the built-in System File Checker program to replace missing or corrupted system files.

The scan may take 10 minutes and after successful completion you should restart your computer.

This post will help you if you got Windows Resource Protection found corrupted files but failed to fix them, error message during scan.

2]The next thing to do is run DISM to repair the system image. Again, in an elevated Command Prompt window, copy and paste the following command and press Enter:

Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

This checks for damage to the Windows Component Store and restores it to work. The scan may take about 15 minutes, and after successful completion, you should restart your computer.

This post will help you if DISM crashes.

3]Finally, you can try to repair MBR and repair BCD and see. This is known to help in most cases where Automatic Repair is unable to repair your computer.

4]In an elevated CMD window, run this command to start ChkDsk.

chkdsk c: /f /r

If this command fails, choose to run it on startup and reboot the system.

5]If all else fails, you may need to select the Reset this PC option in Advanced options> Troubleshoot> Reset this PC by selecting Keep my files.

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