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How to fix Fortnite packet loss on a Windows PC

How to fix Fortnite packet loss on a Windows PC


Packet loss is one of the known problems for gamers. It creates many issues in video games, like lag, rubberbanding, etc. In this article, we will show you how to fix Fortnite packet loss on a Windows PC. Internet issues are one of the major causes of packet loss in video games. However, some incorrect game settings can also cause this problem sometimes.

Fix Fortnite packet loss

How to fix Fortnite packet loss on a Windows PC

To fix Fortnite packet loss on a Windows PC, use the solutions provided below:

  1. Check the server status of Fortnite
  2. Use the Ethernet cable
  3. Switch to a 5 GHz WiFi band
  4. Disable background applications
  5. Allow Fortnite through Firewall
  6. Use Google DNS
  7. Uninstall High Resolution Textures and disable Cosmetic Streaming

Below, we have explained all these fixes in detail.

1] Check the server status of Fortnite

Check Fortnite server status

Before you try any fix, check the Fortnite server status. This will let you know if the problem is from their side or not. To check this, visit the official website of Epic Games and then expand the Fortnite branch. You will see which Fortnite services are operational and which are down.

If any Fortnite services are down, you have to wait until they resolve the issue.

2] Use the Ethernet cable

Packet loss is usually higher in wireless connections as compared to wired connections. Therefore, we suggest you connect your system to the internet via an ethernet cable (if available). If this does not help, use other solutions.

2] Switch to a 5 GHz WiFi band

If you do not have an ethernet cable, you can try this. Switch to the 5 GHz WiFi band. The 5 GHz WiFi band has a higher speed than the 2.4 GHz WiFi band. To connect to the 5 GHz WiFi band, it is important that your computer should have a network card that supports the 5 GHz WiFi band. To check this, open the Command Prompt and execute the following command:

netsh wlan show drivers

Check supported WiFi bands Windows

Now, look for the Radio types supported in the result. If it shows 802.11ac, your network card supports the 5 GHz WiFi band. If your system supports the 5 GHz WiFi band, check if you are connected to it or not via Windows 11/10 Settings. Open Windows 11/10 Settings and go to “Network & Internet > Wi-Fi.” You will see which WiFi band you are connected to.

3] Disable background applications

Disable Startup apps on Task Manager Windows 11

Background applications not only use computer resources but also your internet connection which impacts your network speed. We suggest you close all background applications. This will help lower the ping and decrease the packet loss. Use the Task Manager to disable the startup apps that you don’t need and then restart your computer.

4] Allow Fortnite through Firewall

Allow apps through Firewall

In some cases, a Firewall prevents apps from accessing the internet or creates trouble for applications to access the internet. It is possible that the Firewall is causing issues with Fortnite due to which you are experiencing packet loss in the video game. Allow Fortnite through Firewall and see if it helps. This fix has worked for some users. If you are using a third-party Firewall, refer to its user manual or visit its website for support to know how to allow applications through the Firewall.

5] Use Google DNS

Change to public Google DNS servers

Another effective fix to resolve this issue is to change your DNS to Google Public DNS.

6] Uninstall High Resolution Textures and disable Cosmetic Streaming

There are some in-game tweaks that will help you lower the ping and reduce packet loss. If the problem still persists, these tweaks will surely help you. Uninstall the High Resolution Textures and disable Cosmetic Streaming in Fortnite. The steps to do this are listed below:

Tweak Fortnite Installation Settings

  1. Open the Epic Games Launcher.
  2. Go to your Library.
  3. Click on the three dots on Fortnite and select Options.
  4. Uncheck the High Resolution Textures checkbox and select the Disable Cosmetic Streaming checkbox.
  5. Click Apply.

Epic Games Launcher will take some time to apply changes. After the process gets completed, restart Epic Games Launcher. To close the Epic Games Launcher properly, click on your System’s Tray and right-click on the Epic Games Launcher icon. Now, click Exit. Now, you can launch it again.

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What causes packet loss on a PC?

Packet Loss is the loss of data exchanged between your computer and the game server. There are many causes of packet loss on a PC, like a faulty ethernet cable, outdated router firmware, issues with game servers or your Network Interface Controller (NIC), etc.

How do I reduce packet loss?

To fix packet loss, switch to higher-speed internet connections or upgrade your internet plan. However, packet loss can sometimes occur with high-speed internet connections. In this case, your network drivers may be faulty. Update your network drivers.

That’s it. I hope this helps.

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Fix Fortnite packet loss


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