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In this guide we explain which are the most effective solutions to be able to download images and videos from WhatsApp when the application does not allow it and an error appears.

Error downloading videos and photos from WhatsApp: how to fix it step by step
WhatsApp sometimes gives an error when downloading an image or video. Find the solution here.

Does an error appear when downloading videos and photos on WhatsApp? Although this is one of the most stable applications on the Android scene, mainly due to its continuous development, you may run into problems for download the multimedia files of your conversations. Fortunately, there are some effective solutions for this problem. In this guide we explain what they are and what steps you must follow to apply them. Stay until the end to solve this problem in WhatsApp!

Can’t download videos and photos from WhatsApp? These 8 solutions help you

We have organized the different methods proposed in such a way that you can diagnose the real problem that causes the error when downloading videos and photos from WhatsApp. Therefore, we not only give you the pertinent solutions, but we also help you evaluate the status of your device, the application and the service so that you can identify the failure.

Check your internet connection

mobile coverage

Be careful when activating airplane mode. This prevents you from connecting to any network and downloading files

From our point of view, the first thing you should do before anything else is check your internet connection. To make a correct assessment of the situation, follow these steps:

  • Turn on Wi-Fi to connect to a high-speed network at home or work. Whenever possible, download WhatsApp data using available wireless networks.
  • Check if mobile data has been disabled. There is a possibility that you have inadvertently tapped on the quick setting that turns off mobile data. Of course, surely these have caused you to not be able to connect with the WhatsApp service once you have left the home WiFi network behind.
  • Try to connect with other devices and apps. Try other services and see if they work correctly. Without going any further, try downloading files from Telegram. Another possibility is access WhatsApp with another deviceif you had previously configured it.

In short, the ideal is to do different tests to try to discover possible failures in the WiFi network or mobile data.

Improve network coverage

The lack of coverageBoth in the mobile data network and in the WiFi, it causes the appearance of errors in the download of images and videos in WhatsApp. You may even have no problem accessing other applications, but with a weak signal, you may not be able to download large media files, such as videos.

Our advice is to find another location where the WiFi coverage or signal is better. If this is a failure that repeats itself over and over again, we recommend that you do this depending on the type of network:

  • If the problem is in the home WiFi. In that case, it is best to move the router to improve signalbuy a repeater or create a mesh network.
  • When it is mobile data that fails. Having continuous problems with the signal on your mobile is not normal. In these cases, it is best to consult the technical team of your company so that they can provide you with solutions.

restart the device

Restart the Samsung Galaxy S21

Restarting your mobile device can fix issues with connectivity

reboot device It is another way to make annoying errors such as the one that prevents you from downloading videos and photos from WhatsApp disappear. Simply press the off button and select Resume. Wait for the process to finish and check if you can download your files again.

Free up space on your phone

No space on the phone It is another problem that prevents you from downloading new files on your phone. Best of all, it is very easy to rule out whether or not this is the real WhatsApp problem.

Just go to the settings of your device and click on the section corresponding to Storage. In some brands it is found within a section of Maintenance and in others you may have to go to sections such as System either About this phone. In any case, the information that you will find here is very useful, as it allows you to know if the internal memory of your mobile is saturated. If so, free up space on android and then try to download the videos and photos that you have received by WhatsApp.

update whatsapp

Another possibility is that WhatsApp is outdated. Our advice is to go to the Google Play Store, tap on your account profile image and click on Manage apps and device. Then, enter the updates section and check if there is a new version of WhatsApp.

Google Play Store-ported

Google Play provides you with the latest updates of your favorite apps

In the event that the Automatic Updates are not activated, perhaps the version you are using is outdated. Also, you should know that with the new versions released by the developers, bugs and errors are eliminated.

Finally, if for some reason you don’t have access to the app store, remember that you can download WhatsApp from their official page.

Try other applications to send the files

Sometimes you use WhatsApp on your PC or on your mobile to send files without success. This is sometimes due to a specific error. Why don’t you try another app? Leverage the capabilities of Telegram, Signal or Google Photos (the latter is great with images and videos) to send items is a temporary solution that you can propose to your contacts.

Once the WhatsApp bug is resolved, return to the application to continue receiving multimedia files.

Check the status of the service

WhatsApp sometimes crashes. When the service stops working, it is not possible to send or receive messages, photos or videos. How can you check what is the status of the platform?

There are two very useful ways:

  • fall detector. It is a page specialized in detecting failures in popular services. Here you will find the reports of other users and you will be able to find out if there is a general error in WhatsApp.
  • Other social networks. WhatsApp is such a popular app that when it stops working for a few hours, other networks are inundated with notices from users. You will find information about the status of the platform on Twitter or in specialized media, such as this one. Additionally, the company has a official profile that informs about the state of the servers.

Clear app data

Error downloading videos and photos from WhatsApp: how to fix it step by step

Accessing Application Information is very easy

Finally, if everything seems to be fine with your network, the service is technically not failing and you have the latest version of the official WhatsApp client, we recommend that you delete the application and reinstall it.

A quick way to do this is with the option Delete data that you will find in the section Application Information. Access it by long pressing on the WhatsApp icon. Please note that before you reset the app, you should back up all your chats. Otherwise you will lose them.

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