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How to force enable Dark Mode for all websites in Brave browser - Upgraded Tamilan
How to force enable Dark Mode for all websites in Brave browser

How to force enable Dark Mode for all websites in Brave browser

Brave browser is slowly becoming one of the most loved web browsers due to its focus on privacy. With the current issues facing DuckDuckGo due to censorship, it is likely that some users may move to Brave Search. The Brave browser is packed with features, and one of them is the ability to enable Dark Mode on every website, even the ones that do not officially support it. We have no idea how some websites will react to this forced change, so if some of your favorite sites are not working properly, revert to the default settings.

How to enable Dark Mode for all websites in Brave browser

First, we will look at how to get this done with Brave for the Windows desktop. The task is super easy; therefore, we do not expect most users to have any problem completing the task.

  1. Open Brave
  2. Open the Experimental Features section
  3. Locate Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents
  4. Enable Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents
  5. Relaunch Brave

To begin the process, you must first launch Brave if you have yet to do so. The icon is likely located on the Desktop, Taskbar, or from within the Start Menu.

The next step, then, is to navigate to the hidden Experimental Features area of Brave. You can do this by typing the following into the URL bar:


Hit the Enter key on your computer to reveal the Experimental Features section of the Brave web browser.

Next, we need to locate Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents.

How to force enable Dark Mode for all websites in Brave browser

To find this section, you must type Dark in the Search Flags box. There is no need to hit Enter because searching here is automatic.

Once done, you should see Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents among a list of options.

After coming across the relevant results, you will see that it is set to Default. You will need to change that to Enabled.

Finally, you must click on the Relaunch button, and right away after the browser has restarted, all websites should now be in Dark Mode automatically.

How to enable Dark Mode on every website via Brave mobile

If you also want to enable this feature on mobile, then worry not, we can get this done in no time.

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Locate the Appearance section
  3. Enable ‘Night Mode’ (Experimental)

Brave Mobile Settings

After opening Brave on your Android or iOS device, you must now tap on the three-dotted button located at the bottom-right corner. From the newly available menu, select Settings.

Brave Mobile Appearance

From within the Settings area, please look for the Display category which is where you’ll find Appearance. Once found, tap on it to reveal another menu.

Brave Mobile Dark Mode Websites

Finally, you must look for Enable ‘Night Mode’ (Experimental) and be sure to toggle it on right away. Close the Brave browser and open it again. Visit your favorite website and it should now be in Dark Mode until you no longer want it to.

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Who is behind the Brave browser?

Brendan Eich, the co-founder of Mozilla Firefox, and creator of JavaScript, alongside Brian Body, are the men behind the Brave web browser.

Which search engine should I use with Brave?

You can use whichever search engine you want. However, if you are for privacy and against censorship, then Brave Search is your best bet, more so than DuckDuckGo.

Enable Dark Mode Brave

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