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How to get unlimited free storage for photos on iPhone


With iCloud Shared Albums, you get unlimited free storage for your iPhone photos and videos.

How to have unlimited storage for photos on iPhone
Free unlimited storage for your photos

we are going to explain how to have unlimited storage for your photos on iPhone thanks to iCloud. A resource that few know but that we have at our disposal thanks to the shared albums that Apple’s cloud storage service provides us and that is very easy to manage, as you will see.

It is unquestionable that Apple, every year, continues to revolutionize and raise the standard of cameras on its iPhone. Nevertheless, the inevitable consequence is that images and videos taken with these devices require more and more storage. This resource puts an end to that “problem”.

What are iCloud Shared Albums

With the iCloud Shared Albums from the Photos app, you can share photos and videos with whoever you want. Those people can also add their own photos, videos, and comments. Shared albums work regardless of whether you’ve turned on Photos in iCloud and Streaming.

Thanks to these albums we will be able to have unlimited storage for our photos without taking up space on our device. The question here is that even if they are shared, we will not share them with anyone, we will only be inside ourselves.

To activate shared albums it is only necessary to do the following: Open the Settings app> Touch on our photo> Enter iCloud> Photos> Activate the Shared Albums option.

Activate shared albums

How to Activate Shared Albums on iPhone

How to create a shared iCloud album to have unlimited storage for photos

The main purpose of the iCloud Shared Albums is to allow Apple device owners to share images and videos with other users. However, there is a rather interesting detail in this process: the content saved in these albums does not consume space on the device per seit resides in the Apple cloud.

To add, users who are not subscribed to any iCloud plan they also have the ability to access these albums and have unlimited space for their photos and videos. This is possible even if you only have the 5 GB offered by Apple for free for storage. To create a shared album, you simply have to follow the steps that will be mentioned below:

  1. We open the app Photos on our iPhone.
  2. We touch the + button in the upper left part.
  3. We create a new shared album.
  4. We put a name to the album in question.
  5. Click on Following.
  6. We confirm the creation of the shared album.
  7. We add the photos we want to the album.

The interesting fact is that although these albums are designed to be used by multiple people, only one person can participate in a shared album and thus take advantage of the free storage space provided by iCloud for photos and videos.

How to add content to a shared album

Although during the creation process you will have the option to add initial content to your album, if you want to continue adding it in the future, it is very simple. You will only have to follow the following steps:

  1. We open the app Photos.
  2. We look for our shared album and enter.
  3. Click on the + button at the bottom.
  4. We select the photos we want to save.
  5. We accept the changes.
shared album

iCloud Shared Album Example

And ready. In this way you can add content to an album of this type. In short, the ability to have unlimited storage for photos on iPhone by using iCloud Shared Albums is a great tool that few people know about as there is. effective ways to free up space in the cloud from Apple

A personal use that I give it is store within an album all the wallpapers for the iPhone that I have, this way, I don’t have them in my main album because I pass them from one to another, they are all separate and they don’t take up space when using this method to store them.

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