Home Tech How to install LuzIA in WhatsApp and what can be done

How to install LuzIA in WhatsApp and what can be done

How to install LuzIA in WhatsApp and what can be done


We tell you how you can install LuzIA on WhatsApp and everything you can do with this bot similar to ChatGPT.

How to install LuzIA in WhatsApp and what can be done
LuzIA, the WhatsApp chatbot with AI, on an Android mobile

The arrival of ChatGPT-4 It was given a big boost to the AI-based natural language model developed by OpenAIsince it has caused this chatbot to begin to be implemented on certain platforms where it was not yet present such as instant messaging applications WhatsApp either Telegram.

If a few weeks ago we told you how you can have ChatGPT in Telegram totally freeToday we are going to talk about LuzIA, a chatbot for WhatsApp similar to ChatGPT that has a series of functionalities that we have found very useful.

Next, we are going to explain how you can install LuzIA in your WhatsApp and everything you can do with this AI chatbot created by a Spanish company.

How to install LuzIA on WhatsApp

To install this bot with ChatGPT in your WhatsApp You just have to follow these simple steps:

  • Access the LuzIA website from this link
  • Scroll down and click on the button Try it on WhatsApp
  • When you do this, your WhatsApp app will open and a pop-up window will appear indicating that the LuzIA account has been found.
  • Finally, to start interacting with the bot through WhatsApp, simply tap on the option Continue in the chat

Once this is done, you will be inside the chatbot and you will only have to write something to it to start. Then, it will tell you some of the things you can do with this bot.

How to use LuzIA on WhatsApp

Once you know how to integrate LuzIA into your WhatsApp account, we will explain everything you can do with this chatbot without having to exit the messaging client.

Just like any other chatbot with AI, you can interact with LuzIA by writing a message or sending an audio with the query you want to make and, in a few seconds, the bot will answer your question quickly and concisely.

In this sense, you should know that, at the moment, LuzIA does not have the ability to show you images, but if you give it permission can share a link to google search with pictures of what you are looking for.

But that’s not all, because LuzIA is also capable of translate any text into Spanish and switch to another language such as English or German a text that you indicate.

Thus, for example, thanks to LuzIA you will be able to have a conversation via WhatsApp with a friend who only speaks English.

However, the popularity of LuzIA has skyrocketed among WhatsApp users because it solves one of the major shortcomings of the messaging app, since it can transcribe any voice message, whether it is in Spanish or in another language.

For LuzIA to take charge of converting a voice message to text, you just have to locate the audio in question, hold it down to select ittouch the forward icon that appears in the upper WhatsApp bar and click the send button Send that is located in the lower right corner, since when doing this, LuzIA will listen to the audio and will transcribe it to text in just a few seconds.


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