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How to lock and unlock your mobile with your voice


We tell you how you can lock and unlock your mobile using only your voice.

How to lock and unlock your mobile with your voice
Unlock your mobile in a simple way using your voice

Normally to lock the mobile we press the power button or the fingerprint sensor. But can you imagine being able lock and unlock mobile with voice?

This feature is not only super convenient, but it is ideal if your power button breaks and you have no way to lock the phone in order to use it. Of course, of course, you will have to have this setting activated before that you have problem with unlocking.

It also goes without saying that if you activate voice unlocking, the security level of your mobile it will go down a bit. Keep that in mind.

How to lock and unlock your mobile with your voice on Android

Today we try automate and optimize all we can. Not only in relation to home automation, but also to the actions that mobile devices allow us.

In this case, the characteristic that we will see is that of lock mobile with voice. So make sure you take care of your voice and don’t get hoarse.

These are the Steps to follow:

Disable all unlock systems

First of all, what you have to do is remove unlock systems. That is, the security code or pin, pattern, fingerprint sensor, facial recognition, etc. For the trick to work and you can unlock the mobile using only your voice, you will have to deactivate everything.

It is a bit risky, especially if you lose your phone or if you accidentally unlock it. But it is the only way to make the trick of unlock by voice. So you will have to put on a scale what you prefer.

Install a launcher on your Android mobile

Since routines cannot be configured on the system’s own launcher, you will have to install a larger one on your Android device. Choose one of the best launchers for androidthe one you want, and then you can continue with the next step.

Check that you have active listening activated

The next thing you have to do is check that by saying “Okay Google”your mobile responds. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Open the Google app on your Android mobile
  • Click on your profile photo and then on Settings
  • Tap on “Voice”
  • Tap on “Voice Match”
  • Check that the “Ok Google” is activated
  • create voice routines

    Follow this path to set up Google voice assistant

    You must make sure that the OK, the Google switch is on so that you confirm that he listens to you. In this tutorial we already tell you how to turn Ok Google on and off easily.

    But this is not all, because apart from active listening you must also make sure that it allows you to establish a conversation. It is what is known as ongoing conversationa feature that you can and should also enable for this cheat to work. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Open the Google app
  • Click on your profile picture and then on “Settings”
  • Click on the Google assistant
  • Click on “Continuous conversation”
  • Check that it is activated
  • This feature you need to have activated to ask follow-up questions. With all this ready, what remains is to start creating the routines.

    Routine to unlock the mobile with voice step by step

    These are the steps to follow:

  • Open the Google app
  • Click on “Settings”
  • Click on “Routines” > “New”
  • Click on “Add first element”
  • Choose “When I tell the Google Assistant”
  • Write a word like “Unlock”, click “Add first item” and save
  • Now click on “Add action”
  • Choose “Try adding your own commands”
  • Type “Open (+ launcher name)” and hit done and then save
  • lock by voice

    Lock your Android with your voice step by step

    With this I would be. They may seem like a lot of steps, but they are fun and you will see that as soon as you do it the first time, then it becomes super fast and intuitive. She has nothing.

    To verify that it works, you simply have to pronounce the following phrase: Hey Google, unlock.

    you will have to tell unlock or the word or phrase you chose in the previous point. Whatever you want, although ideally it should be something easy and intuitive for you to remember.

    Automatically, if you have activated all of the above and everything goes well, you will see that you get unlock phone successfullywithout having to hit any buttons and without typing a pin or a pattern. A feature that even lets you unlock a mobile with a broken screen.

    Routine to lock the mobile with the voice step by step

    To lock the mobile with your voice, it is not exactly useful to do the above in reverse, because you need download an app to lock the phone.

    This app is necessary because it is the one that will activate the wizard to run the lock.

    There are many apps that serve you in the Play Store and even free apps. One of the most popular is the Screen off and locked.

    Once you have it downloaded and installed on your device, the next thing to do is create a routine. One more. On this occasion, these are the steps to follow:

  • Open the Google app
  • Click on “Settings”
  • Click on “Routines” > “New”
  • Click on “Add first element”
  • Choose “When I tell the Google Assistant”
  • Write a word like “blocks”, click add first element and save
  • Now click on “Add action”
  • Choose Try adding your own commands
  • Type “Open Screen Off and Lock”, hit done and then save
  • unlock by voice android

    Set Google Assistant Routine with Screen Off and Lock

    With this routine configured, you will see that as soon as you say the magic phrase you get lock mobile using voice.

    This is great on many occasions, whether the on/off button not working or in situations where our hands are dirty and we don’t want to touch the device to lock it, something that is very common, especially when we are cooking.

    Now all that remains is for you to check to pronounce the unlocking and locking by voice, to see if it does the right things. two successfully configured routines. In addition, at this point you can customize them as you want and even execute other actions and routines.

    If everything went well, when you say Ok Google, lock, you will see that your phone is locked with your voice.

    We know that there are quite a few steps and that it can be a bit annoying to have to remove the security that protects our device from the clutches of third parties, because anyone will be able to lock and unlock using only the buttons. But you can not have everything.

    If you put the voice As for the rest, or you are a person who always tends to have your mobile phone at home or in a safe place, you can leave it so that it will undoubtedly be much more comfortable for you on a day-to-day basis. It all depends on what you prefer.

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