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How to multiply numbers in Single or Multiple cells in Excel - Upgraded Tamilan
How to multiply numbers in Single or Multiple cells in Excel

How to multiply numbers in Single or Multiple cells in Excel

Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool; so powerful you can use it to perform basic mathematic equations. For example, if you want to multiply numbers, you can do this in Excel with relative ease. Now, you can only multiply in a single cell, more than one cell, and an entire column. In this post, we will show you how to multiply numbers in a single cell & how to multiply numbers from several cells in Microsoft Excel.

How to multiply numbers in Excel


Knowing how to multiply in Microsoft Excel is very important for any professional, student, etc. Begin by launching Microsoft Excel on your Windows computer. To do this, seek out the Excel icon on your Desktop, Taskbar, or from within the Start Menu. Click on Blank Workbook to open a new Excel sheet, or open a sheet you’ve already been working on prior.

How to multiply numbers in a single cell in Excel

OK, so after you’ve fired up Microsoft Excel and opened a workbook, it’s now time to do some multiplication. We are going to begin by multiplying numbers in a single cell.

Select the cell you want to work with

How to multiply numbers in Single or Multiple cells in Excel

Yes, the first thing you must do here, is to select the preferred cell by clicking on it. See how easy that was? Simple, yet effective.

Enter the correct formula

The next step, then, is to enter the required formula for the multiplication equation to work. The formula in question is as follows:


Ensure the formula is added in the formula area at the top or else you will likely face problems.

Multiply numbers in the cell

After adding the formula, return to the cell and replace a and b with the numbers you want to use. For example, if you want to multiply 27 by 15, then you would enter the following into the cell:


Hit the Enter key and you should now see the results.

How to multiply multiple numbers from several cells in Excel

There may come a time when you feel the need to multiply numbers that are situated in different cells. The question is, how do we do this? Let’s talk about that.

Add the numbers to the required cells

Excel Multiply in Two cells

What you need to do right now, is to add the numbers to the relevant cells. These are the numbers you want to calculate, so ensure they are correct.

Multiply the numbers

Now, if the numbers are in A1 and A2, then the formula should look like the following:


Bear in mind you will want to add the formula in a different cell. For example, you could add the formula in C1 for the correct results to appear there.

How to multiply a column of numbers by a constant number

As for multiplying numbers in a column, this is something Excel is capable of. As you might expect, the task is very similar to multiplying numbers in two cells. You just have to make commonsense changes. However, in terms of multiplying with a constant number, the formula is much different.

1Add the numbers to the column

Microsoft Excel Multiply Column Constant Number

First, you must add the preferred set of numbers to a column. You can decide however long you want it to be. From the image, our numbers range from A1 to A8.

Select a cell for the constant number

You will now need to choose a cell to place the constant number. In this demonstration, we’ve decided to use C1, so click within and input the preferred constant number

Choose a cell for the results

Next up, you must select a cell for where the results will appear. We decided to work with B1, so you can do that as well. From there, add the following formula:


Hit the Enter key on your keyboard and right away the results will appear. You can perform the calculations yourself to see if Excel is on point.

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Is there a multiply function in Microsoft Excel?

As far as we can tell, there is no function right now in Microsoft Excel that supports multiplication. Therefore, the best step to take here is to make use of a formula.

What is Microsoft Excel used for?

Microsoft Excel is a data analysis and visualization software that is more powerful than you might imagine. It uses spreadsheets to organize, store, and keep track of data sets by the means of functions and formulas. In the professional space, Excel is used a lot by accountants, marketers, data analysts, and others.


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