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How to prevent your mobile phone from overheating in summer


If you want your mobile to last for many years, apply these tips in summer.

How to prevent your mobile phone from overheating in summer
The summer heat can damage your mobile. So you will prevent this from happening

It is essential to keep your mobile at a correct temperature in summer. Otherwise, its internal components could be damaged and the operation of this worsen. If you are interested in how to prevent your mobile from heating up excessively during these dates, we are going to show you 7 tricks for it. We will also explain how to cool it when it has already overheated.

How to prevent your mobile from heating up

Do not expose it to the sun

The most important hack on this list is also the most obvious. Avoid exposing it directly to the sun, especially in the hours where it is highest. If you are in the pool, on the beach or simply have your mobile outside, put it in a bagsince it will be better than leaving it in the sun. If you don’t have a bag, fold up a towel or T-shirt and tuck it in, leaving an outlet for some air.

sun and sunglasses

Be careful. Do not let the sun shine directly on your mobile

Close apps you don’t use

The more applications are open, more effort will have to make your mobile. Precisely for this reason, close the ones you don’t use. Your device already has a hard time maintaining performance at high temperatures, maintaining dispensable apps will only increase its performance, forcing it even more.

reduces shine

Just like apps, the higher the brightness, the more effort you have to put in to maintain performance. This will result in the battery works harder and produces more heat. Reduce the brightness of your mobile in situations where it is already difficult to perform correctly.

Do not charge the mobile when it is hot

Connecting the mobile to the battery will always increase the heat, so it is also not recommended to charge it when it is hot. It’s best to wait for it to cool down. and then load it. A mobile will work correctly when it is between 0º and 45º, between that fork is when you should charge it. If you don’t know how many degrees it is, These applications show you the internal temperature of your mobile.

Avoid moisture

Moisture is never good for electronic devices as it can seep in and affect your internal hardware and make it difficult to ventilate. The combination of humidity and heat is lethal for your mobileso try not to take it to hot and humid places. In case you must carry it yes or yes, keep it in a closed pocket where at least there is no moisture.

mirror clouded by moisture

Beware of the combination of humidity and heat

remove the cover

Protecting the mobile with a cover is essential so that it does not break by accident, but, if it is very hot, the cover can damage it. Your mobile already has a hard time cooling itself, but it will cost more if it has a cover on it. Be especially careful if it is made of poorly insulating materials or if any part blocks the ventilation slits.

Stay tuned for notices

Most mobiles show a warning when they are too hot. In case yours notifies you, do not ignore it. Immediately place it in a place where there is not as much heat or light. Unfortunately this implies that it has already overheated, but do not be alarmed, in the next section we will explain how to cool it down safely.

How to cool your mobile

If your mobile has overheated, you must cool it down quickly before it is irreparably damaged. Precisely for this reason we are going to explain how to cool your mobile and how not to do itsince certain practices can also be even more harmful than heat.

Assembly of a mobile in front of the frost

It is important to know how to cool your mobile safely

How to cool your mobile

The previous tricks are used so that the mobile does not reach a critical temperature, but they can help you if it has already reached it. Anyway here we bring you 4 tips to cool your mobile quickly:

  • I sit in front of a fan.
  • put it in one cold surface.
  • Turn it off completely.
  • Uses a accessory fan.

The first thing is to turn it off. Later you can cool it with a fan, but it is important that this does not work at too much power. On the other hand, if you place it on a cold surface, make sure it is not at an extremely low temperature. If you want to know more, here we give you more tricks to cool your mobile.

Do not cool your mobile like this

You already know how to cool your mobile correctly, but you should know how not to. It is possible that someone has recommended the following practices to you, but we do not advise you to carry them out:

  • Put it in the fridge or freezer: Extreme temperature changes are not good for mobile. It is bad to go from the heat to the cold of a fridge, or worse, the freezer.
  • spray water on it: It is true that water can cool a screen, but it is not recommended to wet our mobile because the liquid can leak.
  • Use of system optimizers: System optimizers improve performance but work in the background, forcing your performance without you noticing. Avoid them.

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