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how to send messages to yourself


We explain, step by step, how you can create a WhatsApp chat with yourself to save messages, photos and documents.

How to send messages to yourself on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has not stopped improve your mobile applications over the past few weeks with the inclusion of new functions, but, without a doubt, one of the most useful is the ability to send messages to yourself.

After a few weeks in which this function was only available to Beta users, we can now confirm that the messaging platform owned by Meta has already begun to deploy it also among users of the stable version.

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So easily you can create a chat on WhatsApp to send messages to yourself

For this reason, below, we are going to explain, in great detail, how can you send messages to yourself on whatsapp.

How to create a chat with yourself on WhatsApp

To be able to send messages to yourself you have to create a chat with yourself and the way to do it is the same as for start a conversation with any other WhatsApp contact.

Thus, to carry out this task you simply have to push floating button that is located in the lower right part of the app and select your own contact in the list, which appears in the upper part with your name, your profile image and with the label (You).

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Click on the floating button that appears at the bottom right and select your contact from the list

The chat you have just created is the same as any other, since you can write messages in it, send GIFs or stickers, forward messages from other chats and attach any photo or document that you have saved in your terminal’s memory. Obviously, what you won’t be able to do is start a call or video call or block this chat.

In addition, you can also activate the auto-delete function of messages in this chat following these simple steps:

  • Enter your own chat settings
  • Click on the button temporary messages
  • Select the period after which messages will be deleted
  • Click the button Behind which is located in the upper left corner
WhatsApp chat with yourself-gallery2

Tap on the “Temporary messages” option, select the desired period and click on the “Back” button to save the changes

If you still haven’t received this new WhatsApp feature on your android mobile and you want to try it as soon as possible, we recommend that sign up for the beta program to enjoy these and many others whatsapp news before the rest.

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