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How to type in Korean on Windows 11/10

How to type in Korean on Windows 11/10


In this tutorial, we will show you how to type in Korean on Windows 11/10 computer. To do this, you must download and install the Korean language for basic typing and other language features and then change the keyboard layout to Korean. After that, you can use the IME Pad or Microsoft IME as the input method editor or your physical keyboard to type characters in the Korean language. You will also be able to change the hardware keyboard layout to type comfortably on your physical keyboard.

How to type in Korean on Windows

How do I add Korean language to Windows?

To add the Korean language to your Windows 11/10 computer, you will have to install the Korean language pack. Thankfully, the Settings app of Windows 11/10 lets you add any language including Korean along with optional features, text-to-speech, fonts, etc. You can also set the Korean language as Windows display language if needed.

How to type in Korean on Windows 11/10

The process to type in Korean on a Windows 11/10 system is as follows:

  1. Install the Korean language using the Settings app
  2. Change the keyboard layout to Korean.

Let’s check this process in detail.

1] Install the Korean language using the Settings app

install korean language settings app

The steps to install the Korean language using the Settings app in Windows 11/10 are as follows:

  1. Use the Win+I hotkey to open the Settings app
  2. Select the Time & language category
  3. Access the Language & region section. In Windows 10, you need to access the Language section
  4. In the Preferred languages, press the Add a language button
  5. A Choose a language to install box will appear
  6. Search for the Korean language, select it, and press the Next button
  7. In the Install language features, you can uncheck the Optional language features (Language pack, Handwriting, and Text-to-speech) or keep them selected. The Required language features which include Basic typing, Supplemental fonts, and Optical character recognition will be installed by default
  8. Press the Install button.

Now wait for a bit until all the features are downloaded and installed. After that, you will see that the Korean language is visible in the Preferred languages list.

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2] Change the keyboard layout to Korean

change keyboard layout to korean

Now the Korean language is installed, you need to change the keyboard layout to Korean. For this:

  1. Click on the language icon available in the system tray of the taskbar
  2. A box will open where you can see all the keyboard layouts available to your system. Select the Korean keyboard layout from those options. Alternatively, you can use the Win+Spacebar hotkey to switch between keyboard layouts
  3. When you do that, the Korean language icon will appear in the system tray. Just before that icon, an A icon will be visible that indicates English Input Mode. Click on that icon to switch to Korean Input Mode
  4. Now open Notepad or any other text editor and you can start typing Korean syllables using the connected keyboard, on-screen keyboard, or IME Pad.

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For Korean Input Mode, Microsoft IME is set as the default Input Method Editor. You can also use the Microsoft Old Hangul keyboard though. Apart from that, you can also open IME Pad by right-clicking on the Korean Input Mode icon and selecting the IME Pad option.

Microsoft IME Pad

When the IME Pad is opened, you can use it to:

  • Draw a Korean character in the given box (using HandWriting (KO) mode) and use the recognized result from the second box to add it to your text editor
  • Switch to Strokes (KO) mode to change the font and enter any of the available syllables with that font in the text editor
  • Access Radical (KO) mode to use more characters
  • Press Del, Esc, Hanja, Space key, arrow keys, etc.

The right-click menu of Korean Input Mode also lets you change Character width to Half-width or Full-width, use the Hanja Convert option, and open the Microsoft IME settings page in the Settings app of Windows 11/10.

korean input mode right click options

After accessing that page, you can toggle Extended Hanja, Choose hardware keyboard type to 2 Beolsik, 3 Beolsik Final, and 3 Beolsik 390.

Access Language Options to Change the keyboard layout, Language features, and more

access korean language options

You can also access the Language options section of the Korean language that you installed and use the available options there. To do this:

  • Open the Settings app of Windows 11/10
  • Click on the Time & language category
  • Select Language & region If you are using Windows 10, then select the Language region
  • Click on the three horizontal dots icon (in the Preferred languages) available for the Korean language and select the Language options
  • Now use available options such as:
    • Download Handwriting
    • Download Language pack
    • Change Hardware Keyboard Layout: If you have a physical Korean keyboard, you can select a suitable layout for it. Available hardware keyboard layouts are Korean keyboard (103/106 key) with Hangul/English Toggle: Han/Eng, Hanja Conversion: Hanja, Korean keyboard (101 key) Type 2 with Hangul/English Toggle: Right CTRL, Hanja convert: Right ALT, etc. You will need to restart your PC after selecting a layout
    • Add a keyboard: If the default Microsoft IME (new upgraded version) is not compatible and you encounter issues, then you can add a Microsoft Old Hangul keyboard for typing. Only these two input modes are present to add as a keyboard.

I hope this will be helpful.

How do I type Hangul on Windows keyboard?

As Hangul is the Korean alphabet and the official writing system for the Korean language, you need to add the Korean language first to type Hangul on your Windows 11/10 system. Once the language pack is added, switch to the Korean keyboard layout and use your keyboard to start typing Korean characters.

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How to type in Korean on Windows


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