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How to uninstall an app on Android: all the ways


This time we are going to explain the different methods that you can carry out to uninstall apps on Android.

How to uninstall an app on Android: all the ways
Android only allows you to uninstall those applications that have not been installed from the factory.

Is your Android mobile device running out of space? Although you can use apps to free up internal storage memory, there is a much simpler and faster method, which? Delete those applications that you do not use (also videogames), or that they take up more space than they really should.

In case you do not know how to delete applications, we want to inform you that you are in the right place. This time we are going to show you the different methods that exist to be able to eliminate any app in a matter of seconds.

It is worth adding that you will not have to download any toolbecause the latest versions of Android that are installed in the terminals allow you to uninstall apps natively.

How to uninstall applications on Android?

Before we show you the methods that you must carry out to be able to uninstall apps on androidIt is important to clarify that they only serve to eliminate apps and games that you have installed yourself.

In other words, these tutorials will not help you uninstall system apps on android (those that have been factory installed).

Delete apps from mobile settings

The following method is the most effective. Likewise, it can be carried out on any Android terminal (it doesn’t matter what mobile you have, the steps to follow are universal).

See all apps installed on an Android mobile

From the “Settings” of your mobile, you can view all the apps that are installed.

  • The first step you should do is enter the “Settings” from your Android terminal.
  • Once you are on the screen “Setting”You will have to click on the option that says “Applications”.
  • Enter the section called “See the applications”.
Uninstall an app from Android settings

Deleting apps on Android usually doesn’t take more than 10 seconds.

  • Click on the application you want to uninstall of your mobile.
  • Give the option that says “Uninstall”.
  • A new window will be displayed, click on “Accept” to uninstall the app completely.

Remove apps from the shortcut menu

These steps may vary depending on the mobile you have. There are times when you will have to drag the app you want to uninstall to a small button called “Uninstall”. Similarly, in most cases you have to keep clicking on the app that you want to delete (this will bring up a menu with several options).

Uninstall app on Android from the shortcut menu

When uninstalling an app, all the content stored on the mobile will be deleted.

  • Long press on the app that you want to uninstall (for a few seconds).
  • A small menu will be displayed with several options, click on the one that says “Application Information”.
  • click on “Uninstall”.
  • And finally, click on the option that says “Accept”.

Remove apps from Google Play Store

Last but not least, the Google app store allows you to remove any app directly. The following tutorial is the same on all Android phones (Google app store has the same interface on all Android phones).

View installed apps from the Google Play Store

The Google app store allows you to see all the apps that are installed on your mobile.

  • The first step you will have to do is open play store from your Android mobile.
  • Within the Google Play Store, you must click on your accountwhich is located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • A window will be displayed with various options, enter the one that says “Manage device and apps”.
  • Click on the called tab “Manage”.
Uninstall an app on Android from Google Play

You can remove multiple apps at the same time.

  • Select the app you want to uninstall.
  • Once selected, you will have to click on the small trash can that appears in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • And finally, you must click on “Uninstall”.

With nothing more to add about it, in case you need delete several applications or video games at the same timeWe advise you to carry out the last method (the one from the Google Play Store). From there you can select several apps to be removed in bulk.

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