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How to use the Note Sidebar in Microsoft Edge


Microsoft Edge has a new sidebar feature. From this sidebar, users can take advantage of several tools, including OneNote, the popular note-taking application.

How to use the Note Sidebar in Microsoft Edge

Adding OneNote was a great idea because it allows Edge users to take notes directly within the web browser. There is no need to open the full OneNote program or any other since the tool is available right at your fingertips.

The sidebar is an area on Microsoft Edge that provides the user with access to key tools for use while browsing the web. This post will explain the difference between Edge Bar, Edge Sidebar, and Edge Office Bar.

How to use the Note sidebar in Edge

The note-taking tool is not enabled by default in Edge browser, so we must use the steps here to make use of it. Follow the steps carefully to use OneNote Feed effectively.

1] Open the Edge sidebar

Microsoft Edge Sidebar

The first thing you will want to do here is to fire up the Microsoft Edge sidebar.

To get this done, please click the Bing Chat button at the top-right area.

Alternatively, you can hover the mouse cursor over it.

Once this is done, the sidebar will reveal itself.

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2] Enable the OneNote Feed tool

OneNote Feed Microsoft Edge sidebar

By default, OneNote is not enabled on the sidebar; therefore, you must do this manually. Let us explain how to accomplish this task.

From the sidebar, you should see a plus button at the bottom known as Customize.

Click on the button as it is designed to add new tools to the sidebar.

Next, scroll down until you see Manage, along with a list of apps.

Look for OneNote Feed and enable it.

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3] Use the OneNote tool

Using OneNote Feed Edge sidebar

Now that OneNote Feed is up and running via the Microsoft Edge sidebar, and it is now time to take advantage of what it has to offer.

Begin by clicking on the OneNote Feed icon and wait for it to load as it downloads your data that is saved in the cloud.

Once up, you should see a list of all the notes you’ve previously worked on.

You can click on either to open them, but bear in mind they will be opened in a new browser tab.

Now, you can use the search box to search for specific notes. But the most important aspect here is creating a new note from scratch. All you have to do here is click the option that reads, Add a Note.

Right away, the text area will appear. From here, you can type your note. You can also insert images into the note.

Like the regular version of OneNote, there is no Save button here. Everything is saved to the cloud automatically, so keep typing without worrying as long as you have a competent enough internet connection.

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4] Customize notes

Change color OneNote Feed

There is not much in terms of customization one can do with OneNote Feed, but let us discuss what is possible.

From within the text area, please click on the three-dotted button, then select Change Color.

You should see a list of colors to choose from. Select the one that fits your needs, and right away the changes will be made.

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Where is the sidebar in Microsoft Edge?

The sidebar in Microsoft Edge is situated vertically along the right side of the browser. If you click one of the icons on the sidebar, an app will load in a pop-up window, for example, the OneNote Feed app.

How many apps are part of the Edge sidebar?

At the moment the number is not great, but it is growing. So far, the number sits at 13, and that includes the likes of Microsoft 365, E-Tree, Image Creator, Games, and more. Users will find that at least one of these apps can be useful.

How to use the Note Sidebar in Microsoft Edge

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