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How to use the same mobile number on two different phones


The MultiSIM service allows you to use the same number on several mobiles at the same time.

How to use the same mobile number on two different phones
A mobile for work and another for personal life? So you can have two mobiles with the same number

It is possible to use the same number on several mobiles. This is what many freelancers and entrepreneurs do to separate their professional and personal lives. The way to do it is through the MultiSIM servicethat allows you to divide your rate among all your phones. We tell you its advantages, disadvantages, and how to activate it according to your operator.

What is the MultiSIM service?

The MultiSIM service is a service that you can contract with your operator. With the you can use your number on several mobiles thanks to the duplication of your SIM card. Because of this, you will also share the mobile number, which is what we care about in this article. You simply have to insert your SIM cards in the devices you are going to use.

Advantages of contracting a MultiSIM

The main advantage of contracting a MultiSIM service is using the same number on 2 or more mobiles. As we discussed earlier, this allows us to have a mobile for work and another for normal life. However, It also has other uses, such as using one for hiking or taking it down to the beachwhile we have another one in safekeeping. Besides, if we have a problem with a SIM cardWe will always have the other device available.

The MultiSIM service offers us many advantages and security

The MultiSIM service offers us many advantages and security.

On the other hand, this service is not only exclusive for mobile phones, it is also applicable to smartwatchs or tablets. In this way we can receive calls, or send messages, from our smart watch if we go for a runFor example. In fact, in certain operators, such as Vodafone, the price is lower for a smartwatch MultiSIM than for a mobile.

Disadvantages of contracting a MultiSIM

Regarding the inconveniences of contracting a MultiSIM to have several mobiles with the same number, the first of them is that we must monitor our data consumption. Generally, the cards are subject to the same rate, so they not only share the number, but also the amount of data or calls.

It is also possible that, when receiving a call, it rings on several phones simultaneously. This situation can be chaotic, but it can be easily controlled by leaving a mobile in one place, whether at the office or at home, or by only activating the sound of the device that interests us.

There are certain drawbacks to using a MultiSIM service that you should be aware of

There are certain drawbacks to using a MultiSIM service that you should be aware of

The alternative to MultiSIM is to have several numbers on the same deviceinstead of multiple devices with the same number. This option is known as DualSIM and is usually more expensive. Anyway, if you are interested in this alternative, We tell you which are the best DualSIM phones.

How to contract a MultiSIM service?

To contract the MultiSIM service, you must contact your operator. Some small operators do not offer this service, but the best-known ones do, such as Movistar, Orange, Vodafone or Orange. Each one offers different conditions and prices, which usually oscillate between 3 and 8 euros per month. Below we show you more information, according to each operator.


Movistar’s MultiSIM service it costs 8 euros per month, regardless of the cards you have associated. The maximum number of devices among which you can add the card is 4 (the main one + 3 secondary ones). Regarding its capacity, each card is limited to a consumption of 20 GB per month, but this limit does not affect your main card.

Contract MultiSIM with Movistar


The price of the Jazztel MultiSIM service is 3.64 euros per month although you will have to pay the shipping costs for each SIM card (12.04 euros). Unlike Movistar, the maximum number of devices you can operate on simultaneously is 3 (the main one + 2 secondary ones).

Contract MultiSIM with Movistar


Vodafone’s OneNumber service allows its customers to use several mobiles with the same number. It is important to note that the price varies depending on the type of device, such as mobile or smartwatch. In case of mobile It costs 5 euros per month to activate it. The limit is 4 devices per number.

Contract MultiSIM with Vodafone


The price of this Orange service depends on the rate you have, although all have an activation cost of 5 euros. Maintaining the card costs 2.95 euros per month. Up to 4 cards can be activated.

The client will have access to a free additional SIM card if you have contracted one of the following rates:

  • Love Without Limits.
  • Love Business Without Limits.
  • Love Essential Family 2017
  • Love Family Without Limits.
  • Total Family Love.
  • Increase.
  • Go upstairs.

Contract MultiSIM with Orange

Other operators

  • o2: 5 euros per month for each MultiSIM (maximum 3 simultaneous cards).
  • Yoigo: 3 euros per month for each MultiSIM (maximum 4 simultaneous cards).
  • R.: 3 euros per month for each MultiSIM (maximum 3 simultaneous cards).
  • PepePhone: 3 euros per month (maximum 2 cards simultaneously).

home cloning

What if you clone your SIM card on your own to have the same number on two phones? Some users choose to go to a place where they “manually” duplicate the card without supervision of your operatorbut it is not recommended, since it surely does not work and you can put your data and personal information at risk. In addition, it is possible that you violate the conditions of service of your operator.

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