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Huawei could launch mobile phones with 5G at the end of this year


The milestone would be enormous for Huawei, which would thus overcome the biggest obstacle of the United States veto by producing its own 5G chips with 7-nanometer lithography together with SMIC.

Huawei could launch mobile phones with 5G at the end of this year
Facing the end of this same year 2023, Huawei engineers could have their first 5G mobile phones with SMIC chips ready.

huawei does not give up United States veto and will keep fighting. This is not surprising, as the Shenzhen-based manufacturer has never stopped working despite limited access to international technologymaintaining its enormous presence in fairs such as the Mobile Phone World Congress and launching, even with all its restrictions, mobiles that are among the best like this Huawei P60Pro that here at Andro4all we were even able to thoroughly analyzeleading the market at least as far as mobile photography is concerned according to DxOMark.

And now, thanks to Reuterswe know the next step of a Huawei that very soon it will be ready to return to the 5G industry with their smartphones, which at the end of this year 2023 could have state-of-the-art connectivity thanks to SMIC chips with 7 nanometer lithography.

obviously they would be still far from cutting premium and the technologies of 4 nanometers, or even 3 nanometers, used by TSMC or Samsung, among others, but this It is a very important milestone for Huaweiwhich would thus have overcome the biggest obstacle of the veto imposed by the Government of the White House.

It should also be remembered that SMIC (International Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) is China’s largest foundry and for now it has the capacity to manufacture 7 nanometer wafers, although working hand in hand with Huawei as they have been doing in recent months it is possible that very soon they will overcome steps to get closer to the rest of the competitors in the market.

The Confidentiality agreements They don’t let us have much more information about it, and Huawei is being very cautious with its advances avoiding at all times talking to the press, so we don’t have much more information to tell you.

Huawei is a sleeping giant and SMIC is China’s largest foundry, so the collaboration between the two is great news for the huge Asian country, which has long been trying to strengthen its technological independence given trade battles with the West.

There is no doubt that China has opted to strengthen these ties and its technological independence, so these advances are very important for its industry. Above all because Huawei has been in survival mode for more than 3 years since the North American veto, after living a glorious past in which was about to become the first manufacturer mobile globally.

We can tell you, through some research firms, that predicted rates of return will be less than 50%so Huawei’s 5G chips will be “extremely expensive”scam Encrypted shipments between 2 and 4 million units for the next few months. Something is something, and this first step can at least be celebrated in their offices in Shenzhen.

I guess if Huawei wants to eat the cost they can, but I don’t see such chips being price competitive for now. Doug Fuller, a researcher at the Copenhagen Business School.

For our part we will be attentive to all the movements that Huawei can make in this regardsince the news is important given the enormous capacity shown in the past by the Chinese manufacturer. We’ll see how things progress, and if they’ll be able to regain their credibility!

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