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If you have a Samsung Galaxy, get ready, the camera will improve thanks to the Buds and Galaxy Watch


Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Watch accessories will also be made available for Samsung’s best mobile photography.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy, get ready, the camera will improve thanks to the Buds and Galaxy Watch
The camera of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, the best in the entire Samsung Galaxy ecosystem for now.

Just a few days ago samsung confirmed the landing of Assistant camera on more Galaxy devices to improve the photographic results of its users, and now from South Korea they present us more news to continue improving mobile photography now using the entire Galaxy ecosystem.

In fact, the improvements will be enjoyed by Samsung mobiles, although in reality and technically they are presented for the Galaxy Buds2 Pro earphones and also for the Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch5 watcheswhich will actually be the devices that will do all the work.

The big problem is that not everyone will be able to enjoy themand it is that as the friends of gizchinathe truth is only some of the Samsung mobiles will be compatible with news related to wearableand it is that they need Bluetooth LE connectivity to work.

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Galaxy Watches with Wear OS will be able to control the zoom of the camera

The first of the features that Samsung is already testing with its smart watches is that the Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch5 in all its versionsactually all new watches with Wear OS 3 from Samsung, they will be able to do zoom remotely on the smartphoneand not only control the shooting of the photographic camera.

Thus, not only will we be able to take photos without touching the smartphone thanks to our watch, but also we can better focus the scene and frame it thanks to the optical and hybrid zoom functions that can be managed from the smartwatch.

One option perfect for those selfies group so complicated to take and that sometimes require several trips to the phone to place it, something that will be a thing of history.

This improvement is already being tested with some beta testers selected, and will be rolled out in February with an OTA update for all Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch5 models, being compatible with virtually all Galaxy smartphones of the current catalog that are not out of support.

The Galaxy Buds2 Pro will capture 360 ​​audio for our videos

Perhaps it is this improvement, however, the most attractive, and it is that Samsung’s Galaxy Buds2 Pro will improve its performance when they are paired to a Galaxy mobile that is recording video with a very interesting option.

In fact, it’s that the two earbuds will pick up 360 degree sound while we have them in the ear to increase the depth of the audio in the recording, which means that when we record a video with the mobile it will be the headphones themselves that will support to take 360 ​​audio and that in playback the viewers thus sit in the center of the action.

An experience more realistic and immersive that will emulate what the person who is recording lives, according to Samsung, although in reality its functionality will be more limited because Bluetooth LE Audio with stereo recording required to work.

So we know it will be Available soon for Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4without news of the Galaxy S22, and that obviously The Galaxy S23 with Qualcomm chipset will have 360 ​​audio with the Buds2 Pro… Maybe the chipset is limiting?

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