Home Tech If you liked “The Last of Us”, this series is so realistic that it scares and is available for streaming

If you liked “The Last of Us”, this series is so realistic that it scares and is available for streaming

If you liked “The Last of Us”, this series is so realistic that it scares and is available for streaming


This series will put you in a moral bind by showing you a world that could very easily collapse and that you could be a part of.

If you like me "The last of us"this series is so realistic it's scary and is available for streaming
The Last of Us is one of the best series of the year

There are many series similar to “The Last of Us” that liven up our day to day until the arrival of the highly anticipated second season. It is not for less, since it was one of the best series of this year and has quickly managed not to have rival with regard to monitoring by users. He HBO Max Catalog has been enriched for this reason in a truly remarkable way. Today we are going to bring you a very interesting series that shows us a collapse of society in an abrupt and unexpected way that has nothing to envy to the production of Neil Druckmann but that it has much more realistic postulates that will cause us pure terror.

This series in particular is going to take us to a world in which we can feel very identifiedsince the end of the world is due to something very realistic. In this way, we find something very different, which dispenses with zombies and magical creatures to lead us to some real but equally or even more terrifying causes.

This series will give you goosebumps

It is time to reveal which series we are talking about. This is “The Collapse”, a self-contained French miniseries with an incredibly interesting plot. In each chapter we will see different issues that lead us to collapse as a society. From there, human beings will have to survive as best they can in a situation in which everything we know will change. It is a series pretty deep that will make us rethink many aspects of our lives.

In addition, it is very well done, offering a very interesting visual experience that shows that the series has had a very good investment when it comes to making. In general, it is an excellent series, since all the time it is making us wonder what will have happened to make the world fall apart. At no time is it explained to us until practically the end of the series, but small samples of the reason are left before our eyes.

Here are the points for which this series is worth watching:

  • During the series we don’t know what caused the collapse, but we find self-concluding chapters in which we are left with many clues as to what happened.
  • It shows how the different social classes experienced the collapse in a very original way. Each one with their problems or great advantages that made them overcome it without problems.
  • Some issues such as scarcity or the gathering of people around new companies are also treated in a very interesting way.
  • Planet Earth continues to exist, what has really collapsed has been the consumer society in general.

The series has a brutal valuation from a 7.8 out of 10 in the largest film database on the internet, IMDB. In addition, the public and critics endorsed this series in a very notable way due to how original its approach was.

We can see this series through two platforms since it is available on the disney+ catalog and in the movie catalog so fortunately there are several ways to enjoy it.

See “The Collapse” on FilminWatch “The Collapse” on Disney+

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